Flirt4Free - Pretty awesome models on this site


Date: October 23, 2017

Written by: Sergio (Male, 23)


Everything was darker than on any other site which is pretty nice to see. You don’t get to see a site that isn’t bright every day. You can clearly see everything that you want because most things are pointed out. The main page doesn’t have much and there are only those important things. I am still not sure how many models were online when I was online, but there were definitely more than 300 models. I noticed that they are from all over the world and you can find a lot more models at some hours than at others.
The first thing I did when I was done with checking this site out was start the search for some model that suits me. I saw that this site has a couple of useful features that makes it much easier for you. I noticed categories right away and there were around 40 categories. Every category had a number next to it and not one category was empty. You could find at least one model in the category at every hour. If you know some model’s name, you can also search for her by her screen name. You can sort models out by their language, prices, name or something else. However, I didn’t find the advanced search and that feature would make everything much better.
Every model has a free show and that is pretty nice. Before even opening the show, you can hold your cursor over a show to see what happens in the show currently. There are also some information like the price of a private show, what some model likes and hates. You can find something about a model before even asking her because everything is available for you for free. Once you are in the free show, you can ask the model something you want to know or you can try your luck to see if she will do something kinky in there. You can tip the model with unlimited credits and if that isn’t enough for her to please you, I don’t know what is. You can see models who aren’t shy at all and they will do all kinds of things, but there are also some shy models who don’t do anything before the private show.
When it comes to the private show, you should select some model smart because you probably don’t want to waste your money. This site uses credits as a payment method and the price can vary from 20 credits per minute to more than 70 credits per minute. Those expensive shows can be worth all that money in some cases, but some shows can just be overpriced. And I will say again, be careful when you select a show. There are some fetishes on this site and if you are into that, you will probably leave this place happier than before. However, it can cost you a lot to please all your dirty wishes.
The video quality can also vary. Most shows are really in HD, but not all of them. Some shows are in average quality, but they are watchable. The most important thing is that all shows are in fluid motion and they don’t have problems with internet connection or with lagging.
Besides live shows, you can also look at recorded videos and look at photos. The price of videos is usually almost the same, but they can vary slightly. I saw that most shows cost around 160 credits and you can unlock the video permanently, not just for a short period. Luckily, they are not short videos and you get to see the full video that lasts around 40 minutes usually. You don’t have to pay for the show only with credits. There are two more options, but I don’t have any clue what they are for and how you manage pay with that.
If you can’t get to a pc right now or you are on some trip, you can use this site on a phone. I was at some camp once and I remembered of this site and I tried to use it on my phone. It worked pretty well and it helped me to get through some nights. That was one of the reasons why I actually started writing this review.


Models are nice and there are many of them online. The video quality is usually in HD and shows run in fluid motion. There is a working version of this site for a phone.


There should be the advanced search.


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