MyFreeCams - Possibly the worst site I was ever on


Date: February 7, 2018

Written by: Freddy (Male, 23)


This is one of the sites I haven’t heard of before and I wanted to give it a chance. When I tried opening it through the seekcams site, I didn’t manage. I was constantly getting redirected to some other site so I had to type in the link manually. That wasn’t the problem at all. What happened later made this site like a crap.
I had a bad feeling when I saw the main page. Everything looked so simple and out of order. It was almost like I knew that something was wrong with a site. I thought that maybe I was wrong when I saw how many models are online. There were almost 1300 models online and if a site has that many models, it is probably a good site. However, I was right about this site being a crap.
This site basically works only on tips. There are no private shows. You can only see things in free shows. Most people would give up when they find that out, but I didn’t. From my experience, some shows have much better content in free shows than in private ones. Each model had a short bio and you could find out prices from that. They ask for some amount of money before they want to do something. The good thing about all those prices is that you don’t have to be the only one who pays them. Whoever donates her money will help out and once the model gets enough money, she will start doing her thing.
Before they start getting naked, they usually don’t do anything. They just try to look sexy and that is it. They won’t be naked or something like that. The best case scenario is that a model is in some tacky underwear and that is it.
I don’t like the design of shows at all. It seems like the creators of this site focus on the chat more than on the live stream. The show is in a very small area and you pretty much don’t see anything in there. On the other hand, the chat window takes a lot more place. I don’t see any point in that. Text in there is too colorful and it’s kind of distracting.
There are so many models on the site and you can have hard time finding someone special. Usually, there are some features that narrow the search, but not here. You can’t do anything here. There isn’t one single feature that helps you out. That was the worst part. I had to select a show randomly until I found a model I liked more than others.
Here comes one more bad thing. The video quality was crap. It was in medium in the best case. Most shows were in low or medium quality, but that wasn’t the worst part. All shows were lagging. It seems like there were some problems with shows and there wasn’t one single show that was in fluid motion.
I can’t talk about prices because I didn’t do many things here. Each model asks for different prices and that is just it. The store has multiple packages with tokens and you can buy how many you want.


The only good thing is that there are lots of models online.


The video quality is crap. Navigating on the site is worse. You can’t find pretty much anything. Shows are lagging and they are too small. The chat is much bigger than a show and texts are too colorful which can be distracting.


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