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Date: July 14, 2017

Written by: Irko (Male, 23)


Seeing a site with only boys is rare these days because the focus is usually on girls. However, this site has dedicated all its attention only on hot boys. There are both boys for girls and guys. They are not mixed together, but they are in two different sections. One of the best things here is that you get to see how models look like before even opening the show. Their rating, age, and some pictures are available to every user for free. If I am right, there were about 200 models online and there are more than 5000 registered models on this site. When you have these much models online, you need to have a good way of finding the right one and this site is all about that.
If someone gets in a situation like me that you don’t know which one to choose because they are all really good, you will need to use the advanced search engine. This search method is not like any other because you can choose up to 6 different tags that contain skin color, hair color, type of the show and many more things. I had luck and after selecting these tags, I got about 10 models and that made everything much easier. Besides this way, you can use categories that will also help you out. There are about 30 categories and they can be used at the same time as this advanced search method. One last thing here is that you can sort models by their popularity. So if you want to look at amateur guys, you can also do that without struggling much.
The main thing anyone comes to these sites is because of its shows. Well, there are no better shows and models than here. You get to look at strong, hot guys doing lots of things that you want. There are two types of shows that are available to every user. The first type is free shows. They are really free and you don’t even need an account to look at them. Every model has a free show, but sometimes, they are in private show so you can’t look at them at the moment. Free shows offer features like chatting with the model of tipping the model. Looking at the model’s profile is available during the show also and there are useful things available like what are likes and dislikes from that model. The private show comes after the free show because if you like someone, you are ready to go further. These shows need to be paid first and the average price is for 1 minute there. There are few shows that cost around for 1 minute, but there can be seen much better content. Shows are paid with credits that can be bought previously and the price of 1 credit is little more than . Every package has a small bonus amount of credits after the purchase. So if you buy a bigger package, you can get more bonus credits for free. One last type of the show is an advanced version of the private show because you also need to pay for it, but these shows are available to a limited number of members. You need to subscribe first and if you are lucky, you will look at this show.
The video is always in High Resolution and I didn’t have any problems to this moment. You get a clear picture without any lag. Some cameras can also be moved during the show via remote control, so zooming in and zooming out is also available. Most of these models are willing to listen to your requests and if they aren’t too dirty, they will actually do those this, but for the tip or in the private show.
Looking at the shows is also available if you are not near a computer. Any phone or tablet can support this site without any problem. There are no differences and everything works the same. One small thing here is that you can’t chat with the model at the same time as you are watching the live stream.


This site has its focus on mostly guys, which is not a small thing. The video quality of every show was one of the best that I have seen. More than enough guys were online at the time so I couldn’t choose which one I wanted to look at.


There is really nothing wrong about this site.


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