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Date: July 5, 2017

Written by: Milos (Male, 20)


At the first glimpse of the site, I thought I was redirected to some other site that was a scam because this site looks exactly like that. There was nothing, and I mean nothing spectacular about this site. Everything looked like it was done by an amateur. There were no different colors or something like that. Shows were just on a big bright background and it was awful. If I am right, then there are just few categories here. I saw that tis site has girls, guys and transsexuals and that was pretty ok for me. However, I didn’t like that there were just about 5 different categories to choose from.
Dividing performers into many different sections is the key thing any site needs to have. This site however didn’t do that exactly like it should be. Performers were divided by the age and the color. There were no advanced searches like selecting if her boobs were big, small or medium, what type of the show she does and things similar to that. I got to say that the search engine is the best thing that this site has. I mean, if you were here before, then you will have some use of this feature, but if you are here first time, you won’t be able to use it because the search engine requires you to enter some performer’s name in the empty field.
There weren’t many performers online at the time I was here. There were only 40 performers online, and they were pretty much all the same. When it comes to looking at shows, there are free shows and there are private shows. The free shows are kind of divided into two different free shows because some performers allow their shows to everyone and there are ones that have some protection over their show so it is all blurry. That protection is removed when you create an account. There are no free accounts. Even if it says it is free, your credit card information is required so I don’t believe in those lies.
Pretty much most of these shows are in HD so there are no more those shows with bad quality. Everyone can use few free features that allow you to zoom in and zoom out in the show. Performances are different in every show. Some performers are in mood to do a lot more than others. This site doesn’t have credits or something like that. Real money is put on the account and that is the only currency you can spend. The prices of shows can really vary. Some private shows cost about and some cost about . Those two prices are not even close so I don’t know what the big difference in these shows is. Free shows are here just so you can take a peek inside and see what kind of a performer it is. There is rarely nudity here or something connected to that. Most of the performers are just sitting on the bed in the tight underwear or even regular clothes and that is pretty much it what they all do. One bad thing about private shows is that you don’t have any counter that shows you how long you are there or how much money you have left. There are some models who offer one on one shows and those shows have two way audio so you can talk with her. Those shows cost more, but they are only available to ‘elite’ members and to become that, you have to subscribe to monthly payment of around .
Live shows are not the only thing that this site has. There are also prerecorded videos and even photos of every performer. Most of the videos are free, but they last only about 2 minutes. They can be sorted with categories and there are lot categories here. I didn’t notice them in the live cams section, but here they are. Any longer video is locked and the price to unlock it is about . That is not expensive, but that video is unlocked only for limited time. Same goes with photos. There are free ones and there are ones that need to be bought. However, if you buy some photo here, you will have it permanently unlocked.


Although there are few shows, they were at least really good. Free shows are available and they gave me some information about models. There are some cheap private shows and they are pretty good for that price.


The design needs to be improved. Everything looks like an amateur created it. There were small amount of models online and they were pretty much in one category. Some models are overcharging for 1 minute in the private show.


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