MaturesCam - Only experienced models are here


Date: February 13, 2018

Written by: Verat (Male, 21)


Unlike on other sites, this site offers you only experienced MILFs. They know how to pleasure their fans at every moment. There aren’t as many models as I expected, but 200 of them online is quite enough. I don’t know which taste you need to have to not find at least one model that will pleasure you.
I just don’t like that everything is so bright and orange on the site. It would be good if that changed. I find navigating on the site very easy. All you need is right there at the top of the page. You have only shows and some features. I didn’t need anything more than that.
It was good that all models had free shows. I could check out anything I wanted before paying for something. Sadly, I didn’t get to see much in free shows. Most models were just sitting in front of a camera and that is it. They didn’t want to do something in there. You can’t tip models and that kind of sucks. If I could tip them, they would probably do something even in a free show.
You can find out some useful things in a free show. Things like a price of a show, the quality of a show and what happens in there. If you don’t like something, you can just look for some other model. Each one of them even has a profile where you can see all these information and even some photos for free.
No one likes all models equally and that is why everyone usually looks for something specific. There are few features on this site that can help you out for free. Categories are the first one I noticed. There were around 30 categories here and that was quite enough to narrow the search. However, some categories still had many models in there. Categories like blonde or brunette were too common and it was like you didn’t narrow the search down when you used them.
The best feature here is the filter. You can select around 10 tags at once and that does a pretty good job. You can select model’s hair color, skin color, breast size and some other things. That narrows the search down even to 5 models. After that, you can select one model easily.
Before you go to a private show, you need credits. One credit costs a bit more than 1 EUR. The price stays almost the same in all packages. If you buy bigger packages, you get a small discount and even some free credits. You can get up to 10 free credits with the biggest package.
Most shows have different prices, but I think that the average price is around to per minute. That is not that much when you see what you get for that money. Of course, some shows are cheaper than that, but they are still good. Some shows can be also overpriced. That is the case on all sites and I think that it will be forever.
Like you probably know, not all shows are the same. Some models do more things than other models and that is nothing new. All of them get naked in their private shows. However, some of them stop at that. You pay only to see a model naked. That is not a pretty great trade. If I wanted to see naked girls, I would do it for free on some other site. I like to get my wishes fulfilled no matter what. I was willing to pay more for those things and some models were up for it. Some of them have sex toys lying around them and that just makes the show much better.
I also saw VIP shows. I don’t find them that special because they are pretty much the same like private shows. You can only get a better deal on them in some cases. If more people are in that show, you can watch that show for almost no money.
There is one thing that all shows have in common. Each show was in HD and also in fluid motion. I checked out around 10 shows and they were all the same. None of them had problems with the internet connection or with lagging. They worked perfectly.


I found enough models online while I was here. Shows were in HD and also in fluid motion. Navigating on the site couldn’t be easier.


I just don’t like the orange color that much.


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