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Date: July 31, 2017

Written by: Loy (Male, 18)


The design isn’t what you can’t find on other sites, but they are unique so good for the creators of this site. They haven’t changed the overall look for some time, and I think that there is no need to do that if it is good. The site has lots of models registered, but there were around 700 online at the time I was there.
Let’s start with using this site. There are a couple of methods to look at the models. Models can be seen in a tab named list, gallery or tile. The list mode has one model above next one and there is some information about that model next to the picture. I don’t like this mode so much, but it isn’t horrible. Tiles mode aligned all models next to each other so you can choose one model based on her profile picture. This mode is good, but the best one for me is gallery. You have a couple of model on the main page and you know exactly if some show is free or not. One more way to look at models is by using multi view. This model starts playing short videos from current shows instead of showing some model’s profile picture.
There are a couple of other options here like hot spots, which I have no clue what is it for, even though I tried figuring it out. There is a section that lets you chose some models that you like so you can put them there so there is no need to search for them next time. Next thing here is outdoors cams and that section is dedicated to models that like to stream from outdoors and talk about their day.
Most of these models have a free show available for everyone, even if you don’t have an account. However, so models like to charge for their show, even though it isn’t private. Most of other sites have this feature, but I don’t like seeing a show that isn’t free at first. Paying for something without taking a peak at it first is a big risk for me.
There is a small advantage on this site when you want to look at private shows. Even though you have to create an account and give your credit card information, you still get first 20 seconds for free in the private show. If you don’t like it, you can just quit and search for some other show without getting charged previously. There is a timer that shows you how many second you are in the show, so keep an eye on it because time flies faster than you think.
The price varies, which is usual thing, but after opening 10 shows, I think that the average price is .98 per minute because most of the models were charging that amount. Some shows are little cheaper, but there isn’t much of those shows. However, you can find shows that are more expensive, but they aren’t special when you compare cheap shows and these ones. The site uses credits as a payment method and it seems like the price of 1 credit is .
The video quality here is pretty good, even though the site hasn’t upgraded pretty much anything for some time now. The average quality was somewhere between medium and high, but these cameras were much better than on some other site. I noticed that some shows have a camera that can be controlled with a remote control.
Most of these models are nice to their fans and they do their best to make them go to the private show, but if some models are rude or something like that, you can always report them. There is sheriff’s office that lets you report any model for a specific reason. Same like that, you can get banned if you are rude to some model.
Members here also get access to more than 30,000 recorded videos and some of them are free and some of them need to be paid first. If the video is short then the price is cheaper. Most of these videos are somewhere around 5 minutes long and they are just about a model teasing you. There are also lots of pictures available and they need to be paid also. The quality of recorded videos is crap and it needs improvement as soon as possible.
The best thing here is that the site is mobile friendly. It worked perfectly on my Android phone and it works perfectly with the Flash player. However, there are no free 20 seconds in the free show while you use it on the phone and you are much more limited when it comes to features because of the size of the screen.


The site has lots of new features that are useful. The design is unique. Lots of models are online. Recorded shows and shows aren’t expensive, but there are even free ones. Easy interface to use.


There are many useless things here and the site could use an upgrade because the site wasn’t changed for a while now.


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