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Date: June 22, 2017

Written by: Pepe (Male, 18)


I don’t know why, but at the moment I opened this site, I fell in love with it. Maybe it was because of all these girls that were right there or I don’t know what else. Also the background color made me feel like at home. It was darker blue color and it was just perfectly going with everything else. Some of the parts were still blue but a little darker or a little brighter. There were categories, sections, models and pretty much everything you are looking for on the main page.
I think I will talk about the shows first. It is something that you just can’t hate. When you enter some show, you have a lot of things to see. I don’t know from what to start. There is a live stream and chat on top of the page. Chat is what I seen on many sites but I still love it. These models responded to everyone. And I mean that there wasn’t even one message that was left without an response. You also get to look at some information about the model. I found out what that girl liked, what was her boobs size and many more useful things. I really can’t complain. There were also some pictures from before that showed this model from many different angles. I couldn’t not like it. And the best thing about all this was that live stream show. She was sitting on her bed in some tight sexy underwear. Her boobs almost fell out of it how tight it was. And it wasn’t like regular shows where girls sit on the bed and just look on the computer. This one was dancing, moving around and much more. You just can’t resist that. Of course, there are some limits in free show. No one would strip down and immediately start masturbating for everyone without getting paid. That is when those private shows come in.
To go to private show, you have to have your account and some credits on it. This site has some promotions, so when you decide to buy some credits, you also get to choose some offers where you get more than regularly. The price of one credit goes around for 1$. I think that is pretty much ok considering what kinds of shows you get.
After finishing up your account, it is time to go into private show. You can either be there alone or be with someone else who also paid. Limits here changed. Let’s say that her clothes weren’t on her anymore. You get to see her fully naked doing a lot of things that you like. I didn’t want to go from this place. It was like heaven. However, eventually I ran out of credits and I had to leave.
Now that we are done talking about the shows, it is time to say how to find the perfect model for you. In my case, I wanted some ebony girl with big tits. It wasn’t that hard to find because there are few ways of sorting models. First are categories. They are on the left side of the page and you can find them without any problem. There are more categories than I have ever seen. Like 30+. Second way of sorting models is by arranging them by their rating, name or time spent on the site. Someone likes to look at new amateur models so that is also a good thing. One last thing connected to this is that you get to choose if you want to look at more models at once or fewer. It is all up to you and your taste.
Last thing worth mentioning here is that there is a special section with top 100 models here. You get to look at a lot of photos of models and vote for the one you like the most.
Besides the girls, there are also guys and trannies. Everything is almost the same as when it comes to the girls. Difference that I noticed is when it comes to the categories. You can’t have category named ’Big tits’ in guys section. That would just not make any sense. Other than that, everything is perfect.


I haven't seen models at this number anywhere else. There are lots of girls, guys and even trannies. They are in plain sight. You can't miss them. Lots of new categories that I haven't seen anywhere before. Video quality is the best I have ever seen. Every single detail is seen easily. Last thing worth mentioning is the background color that just makes everything much easier to look at.


I have spent some time on this site and I can say that in my opinion, there is nothing bad about this site. Like really nothing.


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