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Date: May 30, 2017

Written by: Jonathan (Male, 27)


Let’s just begin with that this site looks really professional. The design is different from other live cam show sites. I haven’t seen much of these sites. When I first heard VR live shows, I just couldn’t resist taking a peek. I got kind of confused when I first enter the site. I was looking for models, but everything I have seen was one window that pops up and asks me to login or create an account. So I did. When it said that I needed to complete one step before creating account, it really was like that. It wasn’t like on many other sites that say ‘free account’ but they immediately ask you for your credit card information. So the first impression of this site was better than on any other site.
The thing we all came for to this site was the models. I simply clicked on the first model that I have seen just to see what I was getting myself into. And I can tell you, I really didn’t regret. The show was in High Resolution and the girl in it was wearing some sexy lingerie that made me horny. At the beginning, she was just sitting in a chair and pretty much just talking. But later, she starts touching her body parts and that is when I decided to go to the private show. Private show is something worth looking at. At some moments I have literally forgot that this was only a show. So you can imagine the quality of these shows. Now let’s get back to the private show. As the things that girl didn’t want to do in free show was available in private show. There wasn’t that small talk with her. I have just said what I wanted to see, and she did that.
When I joined this site, there was only one girl available at that moment. I didn’t know that at the beginning, but I kind of figured it out later. On the main page, you can see online girls at the top of the page and below those models are upcoming models. The thing I really liked was that they had schedule. On each picture of model was a specific time when her show starts. It wasn’t just for one day. It was for three days ahead. So I can say that this site really thinks about its visitors.
Because there weren’t more models online, I started exploring other features of the site. There was an option to manage my account. I could change my username, email and date of birth. Not that I wanted, but I think that is a cool thing to do after you create an account. New feature is help on the site. If you don’t know where to find what, just like I didn’t know, click on that option and you will find anything you need to know.
One thing that I think is the most important here is how to donate coins on your profile. This site has separated it from anything else. It can be found easily and the prices aren’t that high for these shows.
The last thing I will mention is a tab ‘VR Porn’. I don’t know if that is a part of this site or they are just advertising other sites, but I didn’t care at that moment. On that site, you could see which girls are there and you could also look at some previous videos from these girls. All of these videos are full length and they are all in HD. So there are no more those short videos in low resolution even if you pay for it. The difference between this site and the live shows site is that there are more girls here. And you can see their videos at any moment. When you enter a profile of one model, you can see her full biography with some other details. Also, this site keeps you updated what updates they did so you won’t be surprised.


All of the shows are in High Resolution. There is a schedule for each girl so you can organize your time to look at some specific girl. Great organization of everything basically on the site.


There are little models online at once. I found just one model once and i was kind of disappointed. And one more thing that i would change is white background. Darker color is always better on these kinds of sites.


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