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Date: December 20, 2017

Written by: Frank (Male, 22)


There are many sites on the internet that offer all kinds of content, but it’s not that easy to find a place that is just perfect for you. I decided that this place is perfect for me because few reasons so far. For starters, there are enough models online. I saw around 300 of them online and there are even more of them sometimes. However, I didn’t want to see too many models online at once because that means it can be harder to find someone specific.
I really liked the design of this site. Everything was within your reach and you didn’t have to scroll to find something. Basically, everything you need is on the top of the page. What’s more important is that there are no useless ads or things on the main page. Everything you see there is of some use to you.
When it comes to finding one show, you can do it on a few different ways. If you just want to see how shows look like, you can select one randomly on the main page. However, if you know exactly what you are into, you can start using some features. The best one is the advanced search. It was a bit hard to find this feature at first, but later, I knew exactly where it was. I could select up to 10 tags I think at once and that narrowed the search down quite a lot. I was actually surprised with the result because I found that one model pretty fast after I was done with the filter. Besides this one, there are also categories. You can only open 1 category at the time and that is just too slow for me. After using the filter, I didn’t want to use anything else.
I remember when I first used this site, I was pissed because I couldn’t type things like ‘big tits, brunette milf’ in the search box. At that moment, I didn’t know about the filter so I thought that I should just type things in there. But that is not how it works. You can only type in some model’s name in there and only that one model will pop up.
I didn’t mention this before, but every model has a free show. You can enter all these shows for free and you don’t even need an account. That means you can see everything you want before paying for anything else. You don’t get to do much in the free show really. You can just chat with the model, but if you are listed as a guest, you will probably be ignored. Things that you can find are the video quality, model’s appearances and things like that.
Other sites require you to put in much information when you create an account, but that is not the case here. You just need to fill in 3 empty spots and you are ready to go. You can buy one package when you create an account, but you don’t have to. However, if you want to stay on the site more, you need those credits. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR. If you buy bigger packages, you credits for a cheaper price. The cheapest package gives you 18 credits and it costs 21 EUR. This is just perfect for the beginning because you can see enough with that amount of credits. One last thing is that you get bonus credits when you buy bigger packages.
Once you decide to go to the private show, be sure that you have enough credits for at least 10 minutes in there. Let’s be honest, you can’t see much things for just 5 minutes or so. Most shows here cost around per minute and that is just perfect. You don’t have to spend too much money on some shows. Of course, there are shows that are more expensive, but not many. The most expensive show I ran into cost per minute. However, I didn’t see much difference between those expensive shows and cheap ones.
The best shows you can run into are those where models include sex toys. Not all of them will do this, but some of them will. You can find that out in the free show or from model’s profile. The profile has enough info to start the private show before even opening the free show. You won’t be charge more than you should be in these shows. There is a counter that shows you how much time you spent in there exactly.
The video quality is only in HD here. That was the best things because I could look at all shows in HD and none of them had problems with lags. I noticed that some cameras could even be remote controlled. I figured that out because models were far away from their cameras and the camera just moved itself.
You can find mostly professional models here, but there are also amateur ones. I prefer amateur ones because they act more natural in their shows. I like to see how a model handles some new situation that she didn’t expect.
The last thing I could do here is use the site on a phone. I tried it on both an iPhone and an Android phone. Everything was pretty much the same like on a pc so I didn’t have hard time navigating on the site.


Enough models were online. It’s quite easy to navigate on the site. The video quality is only in HD. Prices are affordable in most shows.


Nothing is bad.


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