- One of the best sites I have visited in a while


Date: August 22, 2017

Written by: Joler (Male, 24)


It was hard to notice, but this site has new things right on the main page. That is just the first thing I noticed and I needed to say it immediately before saying it. There are much more types of shows than I expected. The design looks nothing spectacular when you compare it to other sites. There is pretty much everything you need right in the visible place. I noticed that this site was not just with girls. There are also guys and transsexuals, even though I noticed that after I opened a few shows. It says that there are around 650 models online, which is a pretty good number for a site like this. This site has tens of thousands models registered and they just constantly get only. Using this site isn’t that hard, but I had some problems with finding some stuff that were pretty hidden.
I always like to explore my options for searching the model and this site really did the best thing they could. The whole left side of the site is dedicated just for this exact thing. There are multiple sections with all kinds of tags available so you can select which one you want to see the most. Sadly, I didn’t find the advanced search so searching for a small group of specific models was really hard here. Besides this way, you can look for models based on the region they are from or based on the language they speak. These are all nice features, but the advanced search would gather all these features in one and everything could be much better. If you use this site regularly, you probably know some models’ names so you will have no problems with finding them by typing in their names.
When it comes to shows, you can expect only the best quality shows here. Not only free shows are available here, but you get to watch shows under name buzzmode and connexion. Both of these shows have in show payment methods and you can ask for pretty much anything in these shows. The point of these shows is that a model has a vibrator in her pants and it is connected to the site itself. Every time someone tips the model, the vibrator’s speed increases and the models starts moaning in most cases. Someone gets off at this, but there is much more in the private show. There are also regular free shows where you get to see a model sitting on the bed and doing nothing but talking and using a computer.
The private shows can have all kinds of content, but it depends what you are looking for. If you have lots of time, you will find anything you want. Most models are ready to take off the clothes and pose naked, but not many of them will do something besides that. Those models who will comply with every request, but those models cost little bit more than other ones. The price goes from to even per minute. However, most models charge per minute and that is the average price here. If you like a model really much, you can put her in your favorites tab so you won’t have to search for that model ever again. The tip can be a custom number, but the bigger the tip is, the bigger reward is.
If you worry about looking at bad shows, don’t. Most of these shows are in full HD and they all have fluid movement. This site has their shows marked with a HD in the corner of the show so you don’t enter a show that isn’t in HD. Other shows that aren’t in HD aren’t bad, but they just don’t have that good quality like other shows. It was pretty amazing when I opened a show in which the camera could be moved with a remote control during the live stream.
Using this site is available on both iPhone and Android phone. Every feature that is available on a computer is also available here. Shows loaded pretty fast so I didn’t have to wait until they opened. It was much better when I wasn’t constantly reminded to enable the flash player like on the PC.


Many models are online. Lots of shows have affordable prices. This site works well on both iPhone and Android phone. Most cameras are in HD and they are marked if they have better quality.


No advanced search. There should be much more HD cameras in this year.


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