Live Privates - One of the best sites I have seen in a while


Date: July 14, 2017

Written by: Kurt (Male, 18)


Not being shocked with a bright background is a good thing and it leaves a great first impression. Darker background here points out most of the important things, so I didn’t have any problems with finding them. The first thing I noticed here is that this site has girls, guys and even transsexuals. One thing I already expected is to see more girls online that other models. About 300 girls were online at the moment I was there and about 200 guys and trannies were there. That is a great number of models online so you can choose which show you want to look at. When you have this many models online, you need to narrow the search a little bit. The first thing I noticed was categories because they are pointed out. There is about 30 categories and they narrow the search, but that is still not enough. The best thing here is the advanced search engine. You can select up to 6 different tags that will find the perfect model for you. One last thing here is that you can put top models on the top of the page so you can look at only the best content that there is. Like anywhere else, you get to watch both free and private shows. Free shows are really free and you don’t even need an account for that. Every free show is available to every user here as long as that model is online. There is no time limit on any show so you can be there for how long you want. You can just look at the model in this show and that is pretty much it. The better show is the private show because you get to ask for a thing here. If you are generous, that model will be more than willing to fulfill all your wishes. Tipping the models is also available in both free and private shows. The average price for 1 minute in the private show is about . Some shows cost little less than that and some shows cost even for 1 minute. Shows are paid with credits and there are 5 different packages with credits. The least expensive package is and there are 18 credits in there and the most expensive package costs 1 and you get 158 credits for that money. Every package has a bonus amount of credits except the least expensive package. One special show is named ‘VIP show’. This time, not all users can watch this show because you have limited space in the room and only the fastest ones can look at it. Whoever wants to look at this show needs to subscribe to the show and if you are lucky, You will get to watch that show for few minutes. These shows cost little more than usual, but these shows have only the best content. If anyone worries about looking at bad shows, you don’t need to worry about that here. Every show is in High Resolution and the performances are one of the best that there is. Some cameras are even equipped with movement options so any performer can zoom in her camera or zoom it out. This site has a special section that is filled with hot models. There can be found top 100 models and anyone can vote for the best model of the week. Looking at the site can be done through the phone or any tablet. Everything works the same and there is no problem with connection. One small difference is that you can’t talk with the model while you are watching a live stream.


Everything that is necessary is pointed out because of the dark background. The advanced search engine made the search for the perfect model much easier. You can find the model in just a few seconds. More than 10.000 are registered on the site and there are 500 of them online. Every show is in HD and every model tries its best to provide everyone with the best show. The price of private shows is cheaper than expected.


When you have all things you came for, then there is nothing is wrong about the site.


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