MyCams - One of the best experiences ever


Date: October 30, 2017

Written by: Benjamin (Male, 18)


I know that it may sound strange that I say that I had some of the best experiences on this site, but that really is true. I know that there are many other famous live cams sites that are known as the best ones on the internet, but I wanted to try out something new. It wasn’t hard to find this site at all because enough people have heard about it. This site has a very famous design for me and I just can’t remember from where. However, because of this design, it is pretty easy to navigate on this site and I didn’t have any problems while searching for some shows.
When it comes to the number of online models, I was pretty surprised. I think that there were around 450 online models at the time I was there and that is pretty nice. There are tens of thousands of registered models here, but there aren’t that many online models.
Like on many sites, you can test both free and private shows. I like to start with free shows because if I don’t like something about that show, I most definitely won’t pay for it. Every model allows you to look at her show for free. You don’t even need an account for that. However, I saw that if you are listed as a guest, you will be ignored by a model. I kind of get that because you can’t spend money on a model without an account. The best thing about a free show is that you can find out a lot about a private show. Don’t expect to see some action in this show because models won’t do anything without getting paid first.
If you are new to the site like me, it is acceptable to open random shows on the main page to see what this site is about. However, when you decide to look for something more serious, you need to narrow the search down to a lot less models. There are a couple of features just for that and my favorite feature is the advanced search. I could select a lot of tags at once and I got a pretty nice result in almost every case. Besides this, I could also use categories, but that seemed pointless to me because the advanced search did a lot more than that. There are around 30 categories on this site and luckily, none of them are empty.
Every model who has a free show has also a private show. I first looked at some models free show and if that show got me excited, I would go straight to the private one. The price of a private show can vary from the show to the next one because they are not of the same quality. Some shows can cost around per minute and yet, the most expensive shows go up to around per minute. I am not very pleased with those expensive shows because you will need to spend a lot of money to see something in there. When I found some shows that cost around per minute, I saw that the price usually doesn’t have anything with the quality of that show. The average price of private shows is somewhere between and per minute which isn’t that high.
Besides these regular private shows, you can also watch a VIP show. These shows are rarely available and not many models have this kind of a show. Basically, this show becomes available when some models want to get a lot of money in a short period. Everyone who donates that model some money can watch her VIP show later. Almost everything can be seen in this show and you probably won’t waste you money.
This site uses credits as a payment method and the store has quite a lot of packages for everyone. I started with the cheapest one because I didn’t exactly know what I was getting into. This package cost 21 EUR and I got 18 credits in there. That was enough for me to test a few private shows. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR in all packages and if you buy a bigger package, you will get a better deal. Every package except the cheapest one has a bonus amount of credits. You can get up to 10 free credits for the biggest purchase.
All shows on this site are now in HD. I didn’t open one show that was in bad quality and that is one of the best thing you can see. Every show runs in fluid motion and you won’t see a show that has issues with lagging. I noticed that some shows were equipped with cameras that could be controlled with a remote control during a live stream. That explains why models zoom in on something during their shows.
I prefer amateur models usually, but this site has a lot more professional models that amateur ones. It is pretty easy to find both. You can clearly see the difference between these two models because ones are streaming from a studio and amateur models are usually streaming from a bedroom or somewhere in the house.
There is a working version of this site for a phone also. I tried it and it worked pretty well on my Android phone. Shows loaded pretty fast and they didn’t have any issues. The only thing that didn’t suit me was that I had a smaller screen than I got used on a computer.


Many models are online. Easy to navigate on the site. All shows are in HD. The site works on a phone.


Nothing is bad.


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