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Date: May 29, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 21)


The first thing you want to see when you enter a site is a bunch of models. And that is what you will see when you enter this site. What caught my eye first was the background. I kind of like it when it is black or some other dark color. Now that we are over these small things, let’s talk about the real stuff. On the very top of the page, I have found option to find girls based on their native language. So there are girls that know English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. One more thing about languages is that you can also change the language of the whole site. That comes in handy if you don’t know English that well so you can change into you native or more familiar language. I thought that this site has only girls, but I was mistaken. New to the languages are tabs with not only girls, but also couples and Trans. I will talk later in detail of each one. When it comes sorting models on this site, you can do it in a bunch of ways. The first thing I have found was to sort them by quality of the video. And right next to that is categorization by hair color, boobs size and age. However, there is also an advanced sorting. I have found it little later. It is next to the search box. I have clicked on that little arrow and basically a new big tab has opened. I could select models by something I never thought I could. So when I earlier said that there are only girls, couples and Trans, that was a lie. You could select if you wanted a lesbian/gay action, only guys, and basically anything. And next to the name of each category are numbers of models in that category. And below all that is a number of total models. There isn’t that many of them, but they are really hot.
Now that I am over the basic of the site, I will talk about the shows. Before I entered one of the shows, I placed my cursor on the model’s picture and small information about her has popped up. You could see which languages she knows and a short clip of her show. Before entering any show, you will have to create an account. Like anywhere else, I have created a free account to see some shows before deciding if it is worth or not.
The shows are something I really hopped I would see. First I will mention are girls. Most of them were in a pose that I would wish for anytime. They were pretty much ready for anything. Nest to the picture is a window with chat. You can chat with a model and ask her what is she ready to do in free show or in private show. Free show is just for taking a peek at a model, but if you are looking for the real stuff, you will have to go into private show. To go there, you will have to put some money on account and spend it on one of the models. In my opinion, the prices aren’t really high. That moment when the show finished I felt like a new person. I was blown away with the quality of the show. And that was just first show. I have also looked at a couple more girls and I don’t have anything bad to say about them.
There aren’t many couple shows. When I looked, there were only three and they were pretty decent. I have seen a little more than expected in the free show. Before I forget, there was only one tranny and she looked kind of ok, but I’m not into that.
These other shows like woman and women, guy and guy are ok I guess. I have looked at only girl on girl action. Two girls were sitting in their underwear, doing nothing spectacular in free show, but I really liked how they looked.
I still don’t know if those free shows are live, or they are from some previous show, but it doesn’t matter.


Models I have seen are really hot. They are pretty much ready to do anything for their visitors, but in private show. I really like the categorization. Haven't seen something like this on any other site. The background color is dark, like it should be, and i wasn't distracted while browsing. Girls know more than just one language.


There aren't many models if I have seen correctly. Just little less than 300. I would definitely add a few more because they know how to please their visitors in private in VIP shows.


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