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Date: July 7, 2017

Written by: Ikhar (Male, 27)


After all this time I have spent browsing many different sites, I never knew why people leave their reviews online. However, after looking at this site, I wanted to give it a try also because this site isn’t like most of other sites. The first thing I have noticed on this site is that the design looks like it is outdated a little bit. Everything was big and wasn’t arranged like on other sites. I’m not saying that this is bad, but it is not just what I got used to. This site has few features that I haven’t seen anywhere before. So let’s begin.
No one likes all types of girls when it comes to these shows. Everyone has one special type of a girl that he likes and he wants to look at just that type. However, this site has all performers mixed up so that needs to be cleared. Searching for them is possible with categories like usually, but there is a little more arranged search here. Categories will display a lot of girls, but there is just too much of them here. Narrowing your search is now possible because you can select which price you are looking for, skin color and many more useful things. Searching for some specific performer is available with the basic search engine, but that is not for fans that are here for the first time because you have to type in some performer’s name to find her. How can you do that if you are here for the first time?
Free shows are what I was hoping to see here because I don’t want to spend some money before seeing what I am getting into. I was surprised to see that these shows have one feature that makes this show much better. It is not free, but it is not that expensive. This one model had a vibrator in her panties and you could tip her with some amount of money, and based on that tip, the vibrator turns on. That is really cool thing and I think I have seen it on only one other site. Camera quality has really surprised me. 4 out of 5 models had a HD camera and that other one had a medium to high quality camera. They all did their best to please me even in free shows.
The private show is what everyone wants to get in. They need to be paid first and to do that, you need credits. There are few different packages with credits, but 1 credit costs 1$. The price of 1 minute in private show can vary, but in most cases, it is around . One cool thing that everyone needs to know is that you get first 20 seconds in the private show for free. So you can determine if you like that show or not without paying anything. You can really easy lose track of the time when you enter one of these shows and there is no timer in there. Your credits will be gone really soon if you don’t pay attention on the time, but if you even lose them, that means you had a wonderful time here.
There are rarely places where you get to help creators to improve the site. I have seen that there is something called ‘sheriff’s office’ and that is used to report some performers if they refused to do something or if they were rude to you. I didn’t come in contact with that, but there is a good reason probably why that exists.
This site is not only about live shows. Every premium user gets access to more than 46,000 recorded videos and more than 1,000,000 photo galleries. The price of videos can also vary. Some videos are free, but you need to have an account first, but there are some videos that are longer and they cost 4 to even 8 dollars.
I tried using this site with my phone and I had none problems with it. Everything looked the same and it was working as fast as on the PC. It is little harder to use this site on the phone, but everyone can manage it. However, I have noticed that those 20 free seconds in private shows are gone when you use your phone.


Good camera quality in most shows. There is much more models than I have expected. Most of these models were willing to do more than just sit on the bed. Cool feature that allows you to control a vibrator in the free show. Big gallery of photos and videos that are available to any premium user. The prices are cheap because 1 credit costs and 1 minute in private show is .


The design of the site doesn’t look good. Everything looks like it is boring.


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