Live Privates - Nothing is better than this site


Date: October 10, 2017

Written by: Horhe (Male, 32)


The first impression of some site is always really important because if I run into a site that doesn’t look good, I probably won’t continue with using it. Luckily, this site had an interesting design that pointer out the most important things. The main page offers you everything that you will ever need to use. If I saw right, this site had around 400 models online which is a quite high number. Navigating through the site couldn’t be easier for me because of the color mix. The darker background color makes it much easier to browse the site because you are not blinded with a bright background. This site is not only with girls. You can find guys and even transsexual models here although the girls are dominant here like on most other sites.
When it comes to search shows on this site, you have multiple useful features and let’s start with the advanced search. This feature allows you to select multiple tags at the same time and after you are done with using the filter, you will have a much better result than before. All kinds off tags are included and you can find pretty much anything with this feature. Next feature is categories. I saw around 30 categories on the side of the site and they have pretty much everything. You can find categories like Blonde, Brunette, MILF to Footjob, Deepthroat, Dominatrix and many more like these. If you are a regular user of this site, then you probably know someone’s screen name. You can also search for a model by her screen name. There is also a favorites tab that allows you to put any model in there. You will get notifications about everything that some models do.
Luckily, this site has free shows available. You won’t see anything special in the free show, but there is a free chat window that can help you out for later show. Models will answer to most questions and I immediately started asking all kinds of questions about a private show because I knew I won’t get any action in this type of the show. However, most people seem to forget hat and they type things like ‘shows boobs’, ‘ pussy pls’ and something like that. You can get banned on this site if you are rude to models or you will just get ignored by everyone. Free shows can be used even without an account so you can see how this site works first. But, if you continue without an account, you will be ignored and you won’t be available to do pretty much anything.
The private show can bring you all kinds of things for different prices. The price usually varies from to per minute. At least that is how much I noticed. The average price is around per minute which isn’t too high. You can get a pretty good show for this amount and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on some overpriced shows. I actually think that some cheaper shows are much better than some expensive shows and I don’t know why some models have that high price. It is pretty useful to find out what will happen in some private show because you can open a show in which some model will just talk with you and that is pretty much it. Every model has a profile and you can read all kinds of information there for free.
Paying for these shows is done with previously bought credits. The store offers you multiple packages and you have to select one package when you create an account. I selected the cheapest one because I didn’t know what was I getting into and that was a perfect amount of credits to test the site. The least expensive package costs 21 EUR and you get 18 credits in there. That is around of 10 minutes in private shows and if you don’t like the site after that, you shouldn’t continue. There are some a lot more expensive shows that can be bought, but I didn’t even though of doing that. The most expensive package has 158 credits and it costs 161 EUR. Every package except the least expensive one will give you a small amount of bonus credits after you buy a package.
The video quality is really good on this site. I opened many shows here and they were all in HD. The most important thing for me was that they were in fluid motion and they didn’t give problems with the lag or something like that. I noticed that this site has both amateur and professional models. It isn’t hard to see the difference when a model streams from a studio or from her house. Some cameras could even be controlled with are remote control during a live stream which was one of the best features here.
If you want to use this site for short trips, you can do it on your phone. There is no need for any app to get this site working. Most features work on the phone like on a PC, but not everything is the same. Shows load pretty fast and they are also in HD on the phone. If you want to stay longer on the site, I wouldn’t recommend you to use it on a phone.
There is one more type of the show named VIP show. You can find it rarely, but you have to spend a lot of money for it. Basically, everyone who donates money to a model will enter a show that is much better than regular private show.


Free shows are available. Prices are affordable. The video quality is in HD.


Nothing is bad.


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