Camquery - Nothing compares to this site! I mean that in a bad way.


Date: May 17, 2017

Written by: Derek (Male, 60)


Look, how many times can you look at the same thing over and over before it becomes boring? It doesn't take much time for you to get bored while looking at the same time for a certain period of time, right? Well, I am tired of seeing these girls. I am tierd of watching them do their thing. You might even say that I am tired of webcams. But, I am not. I'm just tired of Jasmin clones. Believe it or not, I understand those people who complain about Jasmin having too many clones. It's simply unbearable. But, Jasmin is not the topic of this review, even if it is closely related to CamQuery. You see, I've been visiting CamQuery for quite some time now. I started doing that when I got bored of Jasmin. I thought that, if I were to change the environment, then I just might get excited again about these girls. Well, I was wrong. Look, you still might find this site enjoyable, but I do recommend that you go somewhere else if you want to get your daily fill of webcam goodness. I know that I will. I am spying with my eye a little website called Flirt4Free and as soon as I've spend some time on it, I just might write a review. But, I digress once more. Let me tell you just how boring CamQuery is and you just might listen to my advice and take your money somewhere else.

First of all, you've seen these babes. You've seen them all. Trust me. If you have been visiting webcam sites for at least six months, you must have encountered the majority of chicks present on CamQuery (look, I'm tired of pressing the 'shift' key on my keyboard so I'll just call it camquery). Even if you haven't, you might get bored after a while. I might be at fault here for spending almost the entire day on cam sites. Still, I think that other people will hate these girls (it's nothing personal ladies, you're sweet and everything, but I just can't look at you anymore) after a while. You need to mix it up a bit when it comes to webcams. I have made a mistake of not doing that. So, I do not recommend this website. Instead, I recommend its parent site – Jasmin (or livejasmin, or whatever it is called nowadays). Jasmin is the place that actually hires and pays these girls, so go and watch cam shows over there. And, once you get bored of everything on Jasmin, do not make the same mistake I did and try to spice things up by visiting one of its many clones (seriously, how many of them are there?). Just finda fresh and new website with different girls and a different layers. These might be the years of experience talking, or it just might be my inner naughty demon ,but I don't think that camquery is worth your time. And, since time is money, it is not worth your money as well. Just go somewhere else, will ya?


If I was a person visiting this site for the very first time, everything on camquery would be amazing. But, I am not visiting it for the first time so nothing impresses me.


This website is boring as hell!


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