Live Privates - Nothing better than shows on this site


Date: August 7, 2017

Written by: Milo (Male, 33)


What is better than looking at smoking hot models all day for a small amount of money? I noticed that this site looks almost the same as, but I didn’t care at all. The only difference is that the background color of this site is blue, not red. The first thing that caught my eye was that sign ‘FREE 9.99 CREDITS’. You can’t just miss this offer because who doesn’t like free things? I immediately created an account and found out that these credits were free, but I needed to buy something first. There were 5 packages with credits available and the prices were not so high. The price of 1 credit was little over 1 EUR and the smallest package was 21 EUR and there were 1 credits included there. However, this package doesn’t have that promotional offer like others do. The most expensive package was 161 EUR and it had 158 credits. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this package at first because it isn’t easy to spend so many credits and you might not like what you see later.
Girls, guys and even transsexual models were available here and they are all pretty hot if you ask me. I counted around 250 models online, but there were mostly girls online. That is a pretty big number of models online when you compare it to other sites, but when there are 5000 registered models, that are pretty weak for this year.
Searching for a model isn’t easy when there are so many models online, but with a few amazing features, everything is much easier. The advanced search engine is the best among all because you can select multiple tags at the same time and the search will help you a lot. After selecting all the necessary tags, I got only 5 models and I didn’t have problems with choosing the best one. One more method is to use categories, but you will have bigger groups of specific models. However, if you like one model really much, you can type in her name and you are set for the show. Instead of doing that, you can just put some model in the favorite tab at any time.
Both free and private shows are available her and you can watch both of them at any time. Free shows are available for users even without an account, but I would recommend you to create it because models usually focus on users with an account because they can spend some money. The free show has a chat window that allows you to talk with the model. The best thing you can do is find out what to expect in the private show. One more thing that can help you with the private show is model’s profile. It is below the live stream and you have her likes, dislikes and short bio.
The price of a private show can vary from the show to the next one, but the average one is around per minute. Most models do charge this amount, but there are some shows that cost per minute or per minute. It doesn’t mean if the show is expensive that it is good. I found some cheap shows that were much better than those expensive ones. The private show has a lot of good content, but you have to be polite if you are expecting a model to do all your requests.
The video quality is one of the most important things for me and these shows were all in HD. I think that is because most of these models were streaming from a studio and they are professional models. There were also some amateur models streaming from the house and I liked them more because they are more natural than the professional models. Bestrides the video quality, the picture is also fluid and there were no problems with lag or internet connection.
The site is mobile friendly and it worked perfectly on my Android phone. I was actually amazed with how easy it is to use this site on the phone and all shows were in HD. Chatting with the model is available while watching the show and this isn’t available on my sites.


Navigating through the site is really easy. Many models are online and they are all ready to do pretty much anything if you are polite. Prices are affordable and you can get all your wishes fulfilled for a small amount of money. The bonus amount of credits after each purchase is the best offer I have ever seen. The video quality is really good and the picture was fluid. The site works really well on any phone.


I haven’t found anything bad about this site.


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