Camplace - Not so spectacular site in my opinion


Date: November 3, 2017

Written by: Tadija (Male, 28)


I always thought that first impressions were the most important ones on sites like this one. When I first opened this site, it was pretty boring and hard to look at. I wear glasses all the times and when I saw all that bright color, it made it hard for me to watch it. I would change that background immediately if it were up to me.
Navigating on the site is pretty easy because you don’t have many things on the main page. I only noticed shows and search features on the top of the page. The whole main page is filled with shows and you only have to click on one of them when you want to start the show. This site had around 200 models online at the time I was online and that was enough for to find a model I liked.
I like to explore which features are available on a site before starting my journey. Finding shows is pretty easy here because this site has the advanced search. You have 4 different sections and you can select how many tags you want. This can give you a pretty nice result is you select right tags. Besides this, you could only type in some models name and there were no other features. I mean, there is no need for more when you have the advanced search.
I was pretty surprised when I saw that every model has a free show. You could start any free show for free without an account even. This is pretty good because you can see what some show looks like without paying anything first. However, if you are in the show as a guest, you will probably be ignored by a model. Don’t expect to see much in the free show because you will get disappointed. Some models just like to tease you by dancing in some tight clothes but that is pretty much it. I just wanted to find out some information about the private show and that was it.
When I decide that I wanted to look at some private show, I went to the store to buy some credits. The price was for 1 credit. You could buy 25 credits and that was pretty much enough to see how things work around here. You don’t get any discounts on bigger packages so don’t rush things here.
The price in a private show can vary from the show to the next one. You can find some cheap shows and you can also find some expensive ones. The price usually doesn’t tell you much about the quality of the show. So when you start select a show, don’t focus on the price. Some models are ready to do more than others in the free show. That is why you should find out something about the show before starting it. It would be bad to waste money on something you don’t like.
Most shows on this site are in pretty nice video quality. However, you have some shows that aren’t it that good quality. So I would say that the average quality is medium to high, which isn’t that bad.
Besides live shows, this site also has recorded videos. You have a big database of videos and you can find pretty much anything for the right price. Some video can cost around and some of them can cost a little more than that.
The last thing I tried with this site is to use it on a phone. It worked pretty well on my Android phone and I was amazed with how everything worked. It was just like I was using it on a computer.


This site had enough models online. Navigating is easy. Recorded videos are available. The site works on a phone.


The video quality should improve.





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