MyTrannyCams - Not so good of a site as people would have you believe.


Date: May 8, 2017

Written by: Mat (Male, 40)


Disappointment awaits you on every corner of this site. Wherever you turn, you will see a face that you have already seen a thousand times on numerous other sites that feature tranny models. This is because My Tranny Cams were actually made by the people who run LiveJasmin. All they did was change the color scheme and copy paste the Jasmin design. They also named the site. When they were done with that, they just inserted all of the models from the Jasmin transsexual section and that was it. Job done. Let’s have fools giving us money and thinking that this is an entirely different website from Jasmin. Well, I was almost one of those fools. Actually, I was one of those fools for a brief period of time. What tricked me into subscribing to this website was a new model, which was added only recently. Having never seen her anywhere else, I was thinking that this is a completely origingal site and wanted to try it out. I disregarded all of the warning signs and went on to purchase credits. Well, I admit that I was an idiot. And, because I was tricked, I have decided to write this review.

Explaining this website in detail will not take me long. If you have ever been on LiveJasmin or Jasmin or whatever it is called nowadays, you will know how My Tranny Cams looks. That modern and sleek design is, I have to admit this, quite appealing. But, as I’ve already said, it has been copy-pasted from Jasmin. Everything is the same, and that really bothers me. I wouldn’t mind if it was only the design, naturally. Jasmin’s design works marvelously and it is excellent. But since they’ve ‘copied’ everything else, I simply cannot rate this site as good. Yeah, sure, the models are hotter than hot, but you can also find them on Jasmin, or any other of its ‘clone’ websites. You see, I understand that it is hard to find new cam models. But, I am of an opinion that you should not trick your clientele into thinking that they are getting something new when you create a clone website.

I am sure that you can defend this move by saying that some people enjoy these ‘clones’ better than the original sites because they are less crowded. But those people should realize that the models are still crowded. They are online at the same time on this website and on the original website. I think that this only complicates things for them even further, since it is quite hard to focus on all of those chatboxes at the same time. Be that as it may, I am certain that the models make do with this. They have to. After all, this is how they earn their bread.

Look, some people are definitely going to love this site, but I am not one of them. I might have enjoyed it have I not been tricked into thinking that it is a completely original website. After I’ve realized that I’ve spend money on here when I could’ve just spent it on LiveJasmin as well, I got pissed off. So, I’ve decided to pour my soul out here and warn other people about this site. I do not recommend it. Neither do I recommend all of the other Jasmin clones. If you want new and fresh models, this is not the place to go. You are better off just visiting the trannies section of LiveJasmin, trust me.


I really cannot say that anything is good about this site. Wait, that was a lie, yes, yes I can. The design, even though it has been copied, is still marvelous as it is on LiveJasmin. And the models are beautiful, sexy, and quite skilled at cam shows. But, you can find all of that on LiveJasmin.


The very fact that this website is a clone of the LiveJasmin site means that almost everything, if not EVERY SINGLE THING, about this site is wrong and bad. This is due to the fact that you can experience the exact same cam shows on Jasmin. So, just go and visit that site if you want to enjoy cam shows with trannies. It’s easier, since you will be able to switch to male and female models as well if you desire so.


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