Live Pimpin - Not so good experience on this site


Date: November 8, 2017

Written by: Lazar (Male, 26)


I was looking forward to enjoying shows on this site at the beginning, but I was disappointed really fast. I heard all good things about this site and I wanted to try it out myself, but I wasn’t able to at first. When I wanted to open any show, it said that I was blocked even though I never visited this site before. That got me pissed because I really wanted to try out this site, but it wasn’t just meant it.
I didn’t give up just yet and I changed my IP address just so I can see what this site offers. There were around 30 models online when I was there, which wasn’t enough for me. There were much more registered models but there are not nearly that many models online at any moment. Navigating on the site is quite easy because the main page has not many things. You can find only those important things like shows and some search features.
Finding a show or a model is important on these sites because you probably won’t like all models the same. There are just two different features that can help you out with the search. The first thing is to only type in model’s name in the search box and only one model appears. The other thing is categories. There were 10 categories and only 1 category had models in there. You could either see all models or women alone, but basically that was the same thing. There should be more features available, but when there are just a couple of models online, you can find one with only scrolling through that list.
When I finally got in one show, it didn’t look spectacular. The model was just sitting on the bed and that was pretty much it. If you get lucky, you will maybe run into a model who is in her underwear. None models are ready to do pretty much anything in the free show. You can see the video quality in that free show and the only thing I could also do was find out something about the private show. Models just said a few things about them and if you wanted to find out more, you had to open a private show.
Luckily, private shows have low prices in most cases. From what I saw, most models were charging around per minute which was actually affordable. You could stay in the show for some time for not so much money. If you want to go in the private show, make sure that you have enough money for at least 5-6 minutes. There were off course some much more expensive shows, but I didn’t even bother to look at them. I learned that the price doesn’t determine the quality of the show because some cheaper shows can be really good.
The store offers you only 3 packages and you can either buy 25, 50 or 100 credits. The price of 1 credit is and there are no discounts in any situation. The best way to start here is by buying the cheapest package because you won’t spend much money.
The video quality should improve in most cases. Most shows were in medium quality, but there were some shows that were really in HD. However, the video quality should improve generally because it is a shame to have a low video quality in this year.
The last thing I tired here was to see if this site worked on a phone. It opened on my Android without any additional program, but the site was still crap here.


The only good thing here is prices.


The video quality should improve ASAP. Not many models are online. Navigating could be improved with more features.


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