- Not so bad cam show site


Date: June 15, 2017

Written by: Ben (Male, 27)


I think that first impressions of anything are what counts the most and it’s time to talk about my experience on this site. When I opened this site, I got confused a little. Not because everything on the site is wrong, but because the design was new. It wasn’t like anything a have seen before and because of that I thought that this site will be something great. Color of the background is white and blue. Some parts are white and some parts are light blue. It is not that bad, but still, it would be a lot better if it was something darker like black or dark blue.
Before going into details, I just want to say that this site has more than just live cam shows. There are also prerecorded videos. First thing I will talk about are live cam shows. Like the name said, there are models that are streaming online and are hoping that you will donate them some money.
There are a lot of girls on this site and you must have some type that you like the most. That is the reason this site has created some kind of categorization. First, you can select how you want to look at models. You can look at fewer models and see some information about them or you can look at more models at one time. There are more kinds of shows. Below their profile picture is a small section that says what that model does. Of course, there are shows that need to be paid and there are free ones. If you expect to see everything you can for, than you can’t do it for free. Free shows are great but you won’t see much there. In my case, I entered one free show and I have spent some time looking at that model until while I was deciding if she was worth spending some money. They all have that goal and that pleases them and both you. When you enter the show, you can actually few more things that you probably didn’t know about. Later, I found out that there is a button that opens profile of a model and you can see everything about her there. Next to the live stream is a chat section that lets you talk with the model and see what is she willing to do in free show and what in private show.
Private show is not for free of course. To even enter there, you need to create an account. It really doesn’t take much time and all you have to do after that is donate some money and you are ready to go. When it comes to private show, boundaries change. Keep in mind that limits still exist, but models are prepared to do a lot more than you have expected. At least that was the case when I went there. Private show is not just for one person. You can actually enter a private show even if she is in one already.
You can find more than just girls here. There are guys and transsexuals also. There is a lot less of them than the girls, but they are still worth watching. IT doesn’t matter if you are straight or not, there is model for everyone.
The last good thing on this site is those prerecorded videos. They are actually videos from these models but none of them are free.


This design is something new to these kinds of sites. I haven't seen this anywhere else before. There are a lot of models of all genders. Live shows are not the only thing that this site has. There are also prerecorded videos of models. Prices are not so high and there are shows that can be watched for free.


Background color is off. It would be a lot better if it was something darker like blue or black.


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