Camplace - Nice webcam site with a lot of hot models


Date: June 14, 2017

Written by: Will (Male, 27)


Ok, the first thing I did when I opened this site was search for the most usual things on these kinds of sites. Those things are categories, ways of sorting and similar things. I got really confused because this site was different compared to other sites I have visited before. There was nothing on the sides of the page, just profile pictures of models on the center of the page. I’m not saying that there are no categories, just that they are not placed where I am used look at. There is also one more thing that I didn’t like and it was the first thing I have noticed actually. The background color is white. Nobody likes that color on adult sites. Especially people with bad eye vision because it is hard to look at bright colors without closing you’re a little.
To find models that you really like, you can use their sortation. You can arrange them by their rating, views, age and many more. Hell, you can even search for something specific and all the models with that will pop up. Next to the search button are categories. It was kind of hard to find them because I got used that they are either on the side or on the top of the page. On this site, they were kind of hidden. Don’t know why would they do that.
This site has two things. There are live cam shows and there are videos. Let’s talk about live shows first. Before choosing some model, you can actually find out something about her. While holding your cursor over the profile picture, you get to see where is she from and how old is she. But, if you want to find more things about her, you can always click on in the top left corner of the picture to open a new window with model’s full biography. Now, the shows. After choosing some model, new window will open up and there will be a big screen with a model and next to that screen is a chat. Let me just say that the quality of video show is amazing. You can see every detail without thinking twice about it. Chat can be used to talk with the model. She responds to all of your text and tries her best to make you take her to the private show. With that being said, there are two kinds of shows. There are free ones and there are ones that need to be paid for. Free shows usually don’t have a lot of entertaining. There are just models sitting on the bed or somewhere else in their underwear and teasing you. The point of free show is to get their fans into private show. They have managed to get my attention and I did decide to take a look at private show. Before going there, I waited for some time because I wasn’t sure if that model was really worth it. After considering it, I created a premium account which takes like 2 minutes and I was ready for new actions. Prices of these shows aren’t really high. Maybe they are, I don’t know. This is just my opinion. I can say that my time spent in the private show was not wasted. I did actually get amazing show for that amount of money. It didn’t last very long but it was enough for the first time.
Videos are not very different from these live shows. They are actually prerecorded cam shows and you can just look at all of these videos. Same goes here. You can’t look at all the content with a free account. However, you can sort all these videos and photo albums so you look at just free stuff.


There are a lot of nice models. This site isn't just filled with live shows. There are also prerecorded videos that give you even more pleasure then these live shows. Prices aren't that high, but that is just my opinion.


There are few things actually that are wrong about this site. First, categories are hidden. I looked for them for some time. Usually they are on some reachable place, but this time, they were somewhere in the corner and they weren't labeled. Next bad thing is the white background. Something darker is much better for these kinds of sites.


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