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Date: November 16, 2017

Written by: Fred (Male, 25)


When I saw the name of this site, I thought that it was like some other sites through which you get to meet new people and become friends with them, However, that was not the case here. The name of this site doesn’t have anything to do with the content of this site.
Navigating on this site was quite easy. I didn’t find many things on the display so I didn’t get to explore many things. There were only those important things like shows and some search features. That was quite enough to find something you like.
In the top right corner, there was a number and I thought that was the number of online models and I got excited because it said that there were 3500 models. However, that was the total number of registered models, not online ones. There were only around 150 of them online, which isn’t that much.
When it comes to actually opening a show, you probably want to open something you like. That is when some search features come in handy. I didn’t find many features like I thought I would. There were only categories available. This was pretty useful on this site because there weren’t many models online. However, if there were more models online, it would probably be harder to find some specific model. There are a few categories right above shows and I think that those are the most searched ones. You could say that I fell in love with the advanced search. That features allows you to do more things, but that is not available here. One more thing that can be done is to search for a model by her exact screen name which isn’t easy to do. If you are new to the site, you don’t have any use of this feature.
It’s nice to see that most models have free shows available. Some of them will allow everyone to look at their shows, but some of them won’t. If you don’t have an account, you will see the show, but it will be all blurry. Creating an account takes only a couple of minutes and it is pretty useful to have it. For starters, shows won’t be blurry and you won’t be listed as a guest.
Usually, you won’t see pretty much anything in the free show. However, that is not the case with every model. Tipping is allowed on this site and that can be of great use to every user. Some models will do a lot of things in the free show if they get a big tip. That means you can see more action than you would expect if you just tip the model. If you are lucky, you don’t even need to spend a cent if someone else is tipping the model. You are watching the same shows as other users and you can benefit from them.
Once you start the private show, a counter will appear and it shows you how much time you spent in the show. This helps you out to not lose track of time. There are some other sites on which this counter is not available and you can easily spend all your money on one model even if you didn’t want to. The price can vary, but the average price is around or per minute. That is not too high and you can find pretty neat shows for that amount of money. I knew that the price doesn’t say anything about the show’s quality and I confirmed that here. Some cheap show was really good and I couldn’t believe I only paid per minute.
If you plan to actually go in private shows, make sure that you have enough money for more than 10 minutes in the private show. The store has multiple packages available and the best one to start with for me was the cheapest one.
I was surprised with how good the video quality was. Lost shows were in HD and the rest were in medium quality. All shows I opened were in fluid motion and none of them had problems with lagging. I noticed a couple remote controlled cameras and that was nice because models could zoom in on some on their bodies at any moment.
I was away from my PC once and I wanted to try this site on a phone. All it took was just to type in the link and the site was opened just like on a computer. Everything even looked the same so it was easy to navigate on the phone also.


The video quality is in HD. Easy to navigate on the site. Prices are affordable.


Not enough models are online. The advanced search is missing.


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