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Date: December 21, 2017

Written by: Frank (Male, 21)


I am pretty sure that this site is one of newer sites because I didn’t see it before and I spent a lot of time looking at live cam sites. It left pretty nice impression on me because everything looked so well organized and easy to use. That is the only thing I need from any design really. I could find anything really fast and I wasn’t confused with anything.
You can clearly see how many models are online. The counter said that there were 800 models online when I was there and that was enough. You could also see how many models were in which category and I trust those numbers 100%. There are lots of models registered on the site so I am not so sure about this site being new.
Find someone special on a site like this one was always important to me. I don’t like all models equally so I have to find something more specific. Luckily, there are few features that can help me out with that. The first thing I noticed was categories. There were more than 40 categories which is quite enough to narrow the search down a bit. There were some categories that had more than 400 models in there so the search wasn’t narrowed down nearly enough. Later, I found that I can use all kinds of tags. There is pretty much anything you can think off, but you still have to select one tag at the time. The filter is not available here and that sucks.
Luckily, all models have free shows. That is actually the best thing you can see when you open any show for the first time. Being able to look at something without paying for it first is pretty useful. If I didn’t like something, I would just move to some other show really easy. You can check out a couple things in free show before going anywhere further. You can see the video quality, what that models does and maybe how she looks like. Besides that, you can’t find out much more. However, tipping is available here. That means some models will do something nasty even in a free show. I ran into one model that was already naked when I joined the free show. Someone else was tipping her and I was enjoying the show because of someone else. There is really nothing better than that, but you get bored of looking at things other people want. If you want to see something you wish, you need to spend some money.
Private shows are quite nice here also. You can see pretty much anything in those shows if you are lucky. Some models will do much more than others, which is understandable. The best shows I could find were ones in which models included sex toys. You really can’t get better than that. Seeing a model how she rams a big dildo in her pussy gets me off more than anything else. I was willing to pay for those shows at any moment. On the other hand, there are some models that seem just too shy. They won’t do many things like other models.
Prices of private shows vary. Some shows can be cheap and some of them are expensive. The average price is around per minute, but you can find shows for perm minute, per minute and for other amounts of money also.
The site uses credits as a payment method. There are only few packages and you get around 10 credits for 1 EUR. There is discount for the most expensive package only. However, I didn’t want to mess with that much credits at the beginning because I didn’t know much about shows or models here.
The video quality was quite nice here. Most shows were in HD and those which weren’t were in medium quality. The most important thing is that all those shows were in fluid motion.
This site works on a phone also. I tried it only on an Android phone and it worked quite fine. It was pretty much the same like on a pc so I got ahold of that site pretty fast.


Many models are online. It’s easy to navigate on the site. The video quality is great. Prices are usually affordable.


The advanced search is not available here.


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