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Date: November 23, 2017

Written by: Steven (Male, 36)


When I first opened this site, I thought I opened something bad, but I was wrong. While I was scrolling through the main page, I found out that the design is really nice and easy to use. There aren’t many useless things on the display and that is pretty important because you won’t get distracted easily.
On the top of the page is a number of currently online models. There were 900 models online while I was on the site and that is pretty impressive for a new site. It is pretty impossible to not find a model that you like in a big pile of them.
Searching for models can be quite tricky here. 900 is not a small model and if you want to scroll through all those models, it will take you some time to find someone. There are a couple of features that can help you out, but the one I was hoping for is not there. The advanced search is the best feature that exists, but it’s not available here. You can use ‘tags’, but only one at the time. This works just like categories. However, it is not enough for me. Models can be sorted out by their rating or by name.
I was glad that free shows were available. I could check out the quality of some show without even creating an account. When I got on this site, I didn’t create an account because if didn’t know anything about the site. Once I was in the free show, I saw that if you create a free show, you get 50 free credits. This is a great thing to make people register on the site.
The store has multiple packages available and you also have multiple ways to pay for them. The price for 10 credits is usually around . When you buy bigger packages, you get a small discount. The next thing I saw is that you can pay on this site with Bitcoins. That certainly can’t be seen everywhere. The biggest package offers around 12000 credits and it costs around 00. That is just too much to start with. Not many people even have that amount of money.
Things that I saw in free shows amazed me the most. Models weren’t shy at all and they were doing pretty much everything. And not just one model, all of them were naked and playing with toys or similar things. That was because you could tip them. They had a goal stated and when that goal is reached, they will do pretty much anything from licking each other’s cunts to ramming a big dildo inside them.
I was wondering what I could see in private shows, when all that was available in the free show. Well, not much. Pretty much, everything was the same. Only this time, you were in a show with not many people, or even alone. You get to ask them to do anything and they will do it in most cases. Prices can be quite high for private shows. I saw shows going for per minute which isn’t cheap really.
Most models were equipped with HD cameras. That is enough for me. Off course, there were some shows in which the video quality wasn’t so good, but all shows were in fluid motion.
The last thing I could do here is use the site on a phone. It worked well on my Android and I don’t have anything to complain about.


Enough models are online. Great free shows. The video quality is nice.


Private shows can be expensive.


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