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Date: January 13, 2018

Written by: Franklin (Male, 26)


You probably heard about pretty much all kinds of shows on this site and you won’t be surprised with anything. This wasn’t the first time a came to this site so I had much better time than the first time. While I was here for the first time, I got lost in all these new things. I didn’t know which shows to open and where to look for what. However, this was my second time on the site and I got ahold of pretty much everything here.
This maybe seems a bit stupid, but I don’t like the background of a site that much. I know that the design of a site is the least important thing on a site like this one, but I thought it was worth mentioning it. I would like to see it darker.
One thing I like very much here is the counter that shows me how many models are online on a site. You can see how many girls, guys and trannies are online separately. There were around 600 models online in total and 450 of them were only girls. I came only for them so I didn’t even bother to look at other two sections.
There were many shows on the main page and I couldn’t decide which one to look at. I wanted to narrow the search down a bit so I like it better, but there were only few things that helped me out. I could either use categories or select a region from which models are. That really didn’t do much because there were still too many models on the display. There should be some additional features on the site like the filter or something similar to that.
I saw that there were more types of free shows here. There were those regular ones where you open a free show and go to a private show later. However, you could also go in free shows where you only get to tip a model. Those shows are quite interesting because if a model gets a big enough tip, she will at least take one part of her clothes off. You really don’t get to see many things in free shows so I didn’t spend that much time in there.
When it comes to shows like ‘Buzzmode’ or ‘Connexion’, you can spend lots of times in there and you will see nice things. I didn’t know anything about these shows before, but I do now. Basically, these shows are like those with VibraToy. When you tip a model, a vibrator in her pants starts to work. If a tip is bigger, that vibrator works longer and faster. You can see different reactions from models and some of them can really surprise you.
The real action can be seen in private shows. If you find a really good model, you can have lots of fun in there and for not that much money. Of course, prices of shows vary in most cases so you got to be careful about that also. It’s not that big of a difference, but in longer shows, that can cost you lots of money. Some shows cost per minute and some shows go over per minute. The quality of these shows also varies, but not as much as the price does. Most shows had prices around per minute which doesn’t seem high at all.
Some models will do more things in their shows than other models. I was expecting that so I wasn’t surprised at all. I didn’t like shows where models only got naked. Let’s face it. If I wanted to see naked girls, I probably wouldn’t come to a live cam site. I am here for some action and I intend to find it. It isn’t that hard to find some models that will do nasty things. All you have to do is ask in free show. They will all tell you what they do in their shows. Even if they don’t tell you, you can see all that from their profiles.
The best show I saw was with a model who played with a dildo from the beginning of her show. She really knew how to use that dildo and I had her attention for the whole time. I can’t compare that show to many other shows I saw so far. I would go back there whenever I get the chance.
The video quality was very nice in most shows. I checked out many free shows and they were in HD. On top of that, those shows were also in fluid motion so it was nice to watch them.
One more thing I did was check this site on a phone. It opened without any problems and it worked pretty nice.


Enough models were online always. There are many types of shows here. Prices were affordable usually.


There should be more search features on this site.


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