MaturesCam - MaturesCam has dissapointed me immensely.


Date: May 12, 2017

Written by: Dean (Male, 36)


Just like the title says, once I actually started enjoying cam shows on maturescam, I was dissapointed almost instantly. You see, I thought that I would get to see fresh and new models. This site had that certain kind of appeal, but it all turned out to be dissapointing in the end. And, the reason for my dissapointment is rather simple. Namely, the models on this website are not exclusive to it. Once I've realized this, I really regretted purchasing credits before doing some research. Oh, well, I can only learn from my mistake and this will most certainly never happen to me again. So, in order to warn people, I have decided to write this review. Please, do not get me wrong, the performers on maturescam are really hot. These older hotties take care of their bodies and they certainly know how to provide an excellent and an arousing show. But, you can find them on at least five another different websites. This is what made me really sad and angry at the same time. I really didn't want to spend my money on a cam site which is not unique. And then I went and did exaclty that. Well, since I am apparently stupid, I am also partly writing this review as a reminder to myself.

Anyway, maturescam is a great site with a neat design and excellent models. It is truly a crying shame that its models are available elswhere as well . So, what I am trying to say is that you might enjoy this website. I definitely did not enjoy it once I'd realized that it doesn't have one single 'original' model . But I did enjoy it at first. In essence, what made me research these models a bit more was a private show that I've had with this certain MILF. All the time during our show I felt like I have seen her somewhere before. I couldn't have met her, that's for sure. But, I saw her somewhere. Thinking that she maybe was an amateur porno actress on the side, I continued enjoying the show. But, when everything was over, it finally hit me – I have seen this woman on another cam site. After only five minutes i was able tpo find her on another site. It was that easy. Iun fact, I was able to find her on several other cam sites. Well, I was a fool. I quickly tipped all of the rest of my credits to that woman and hightailed it out of there like my feet were on fire.

Considering all things, this site is actually quite good, it is just that I am really dissapointed with the fact that the models found on it are actually available on other webcam swebsites as well. So, if you are like me in this regard, you will practically hate maturescxam. I guess that there are people out there that might love this site. But, I am definitely not one of them.


Do not get me wrong, this website is quite good with its excellent design and its smoking hot mature performes. It is a pity that those performers are also available elswhere.


The very fact that this website has no unique performers makes everything about it bad, IMHO.


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