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Date: December 7, 2017

Written by: Janice (Female, 29)


I usually do some things before I get to the number of online models, but I just couldn’t not notice that number when i opened the site. It said that there were almost 2000 online models. It just seemed very strange because that is too much for any site that is only filled with guys. I didn’t mind it at all because I could choose from much more them now.
The site looked pretty nice at first. The background was black and everything else was in brighter color. That way, I could see what is important and what is not important. I could navigate through the site really easy because there were no useless things on the display. There were only shows, categories and a couple more things.
Finding a perfect show is not easy on any site. Especially when there are 2000 online models. However, I somehow doubt in that number because categories say something else. Every category shows how many models are online and from what I saw, categories say that there are 400 models online. In both cases, that is pretty enough to find someone good.
You could use categories to find some model. Luckily, every category has at least one model in there. You could find something in each section. However, that doesn’t mean you will like it. I don’t like to use categories that much so I went for something much better. This site has an advanced search available and that means I could narrow the search more. After selecting 10 or so tags, I ended up with a lot less models than ever. I could even narrow the search down a bit more when I was done with the advanced search. I could select which languages do models speak and from where they are. All these things are useful because I ended up with around 20 models or even less. That is a pretty nice way to find a show for you.
I was pretty glad when I saw that models have free shows. That means I could spend as much time in there is I wanted for free. That was a good way to see if the show is really worth my money. I could also check out the video quality. I could easily move to some other show if there was something I didn’t like. Most models were just sitting in front of their computers and they didn’t do anything. That was a bad way to start a show. I expected to see a model dancing, swinging his junk or something, but I forgot that that is not seen in free shows. I lowered my expectations and that made everything better. When I ran into a model I really liked, I started asking some questions. I could talk with a model through a chat window and that was completely free. However, if I didn’t; have an account, I would just be ignored. Everyone show is listed as a guest is ignored on any live cam site. Creating an account here is free and it takes only a couple moments.
Once I decided to go to the private show, I first bought some credits. The price of 1 credit was and that was good for me. I got how much I paid. There are a couple packages, but you don’t get any discount on any of these packages. I started off with 25 credits and that was enough for the beginning.
Prices vary from show to the next one usually. Some shows were as cheap as per minute and some of them were going for per minute. If you want something good, you have to pay for it. I opened a show that cost per minute and that was good for me. That model wanted to do pretty much everything I asked. I didn’t have any special requests and that made everything easier. Model got naked and played with his junk a bit. That was enough for me to get off.
Like I mentioned, the video quality here is usually good. Most shows were in HD and that was the best thing I found find here. On top of all that, shows were in fluid motion. You really can’t find anything better than that.
I noticed that some models were professional ones and some of them were amateur ones. I liked both in most cases. There is something good about every model out there.
This site works on a phone without any problems. I tested it on my Android and I didn’t have any problems. I didn’t even need any additional program to run this site. Everything was just smaller there and I didn’t get used to that.


Many models are online. Easy to use this site. The video quality is good. Prices are affordable.


Nothing is bad here.


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