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Date: February 2, 2018

Written by: Ted (Male, 22)


If I saw right, this site has only girls as models. Not that I was looking for guys, but I thought that it was worth mentioning it. I wasn’t sure in the exact number of online models until I checked out which categories are available. There isn’t a counter that shows you how many models are online, but you can see how many models are online in each category. Let’s say that I counted roughly around 500 models online which is quite enough. If you don’t find a model among all of them, I don’t know where you will find a model.
When I mentioned categories, I think that it’s time to mention search features. That was the part that disappointed me a bit. The only things that I could use were categories. There are around 40 categories and each one had at least 1 model in there. Some categories had just few models in there, but some categories had up to 150 of them. I usually found a model pretty fast with just categories, but it could be all better and fasted if there was a filter or something like that. I could also select which language models speak and that is pretty much it. There wasn’t anything special about this part.
The best part so far was a free show. All models had them and you didn’t need an account to access any show. Although you couldn’t do anything in there without an account, you could still see what’s happening in there. If I liked something, I could just create an account, buy some credits and go to a private show.
You couldn’t see much in private shows usually, but because of tipping, models would do something nice from time to time. If they got enough money from tips, they would agree to do a thing or two. That actually makes a show interesting so you won’t lose interest at any moment, I guess. I didn’t spend more than 2 minutes in free shows because I didn’t want to wait to see some action.
I came to this site to see some real action and I knew that I won’t see that in free shows. I was just in there to see how a model looks like and to see if a show was in good quality. I wouldn’t want to pay for something in bad quality because there are things that are in better quality and probably have the same price.
Before doing anything, you need credits. When you register to the site, you get 120 free credits. That is enough for probably a minute or two in a private show. That really isn’t enough to see anything. There are different packages and you can get around 600 credits for . That is a good deal because that is the most expensive package and you don’t have to spend much money on it. There is a package with monthly subscription that gives you some credits and access to VIP shows.
Prices are different in almost every show, but they go from 50 credits per minute to 90 credits per minute. That is about per minute to per minute. That is not too much at all. When you compare it to other sites, this is actually a great place with amazing deals.
Not all shows are worth equally. That is one of the reasons why the price is different. Some models just ask for more because they are hot and other models ask for more because they have amazing shows. You can find that out just by looking at model’s profile. There is no need to bother them with all these questions because you have all that on their profiles.
Like I said, there are differences in shows. Some model offer more than others and that is the case on every site. You can’t have the same show with all models because that would just be weird, but good I guess. The best show I ran into was with one model that had a dildo near her. I knew where that show was going so I just relaxed and enjoyed the show while she was doing her thing. That was one of the best times on live cam sites and I definitely don’t regret that money.
The last things her were videos. You could look at recorded videos. Of course, you had to buy those videos first, but they were not expensive.
The video quality was generally ok, but it wasn’t that good. It was somewhere between high and medium. That should be improved a bit because HD shows just attract more and more users.


Many models were online while I was here. Shows are usually ok. Almost every show has an affordable price.


There should be a filter or something like that to find shows much easier. The video quality could be a big better.


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