LiveSexAsian - Many Asian models on one place


Date: February 13, 2018

Written by: Franklin (Male, 22)


I haven’t seen this many Asian models on one place. There are girls, guys and even transsexual models. Like on any other site, girls are dominant. There were around 400 models in total and around 250 of them were girls. That was quite enough to find a show that can satisfy you.
Navigating on the site was quite easy because everything I needed was on the main page. There weren’t any ads on the main page so I wasn’t distracted with those things. The main page had only shows and some features. There is no need for anything else than that.
I see that this site has both amateur and professional models. I wanted to see amateur models more because they act somehow more naturally in all situations. Professional models know how to handle everything and that is not fun anymore. I like to see models in new situations.
Every model here has a free show. You can check out each show for free before spending some money. You don’t even need an account at the beginning. You can open shows as a quest and you can do whatever you want here. However, if you ask models some questions as a guest, you won’t get an answer probably. Everyone knows that you can’t spend money without an account so they don’t want to waste time with you.
Free shows are good if you want to find out something about a private show. However if you want to see some action in a free show, you won’t. There wasn’t one single model that wanted to do something in a free show. Believe me, I tried in many shows. Tipping is not available on the site and you can’t persuade models into anything. They will just ignore you and that is it. Each model has a profile where you have enough information to see what’s happening in her show. You can even see some photos on her profile.
I think that there isn’t one single person that likes all models equally. That is why everyone narrows the search when they come to a site like this one. This site has few features that you can use. The first one I noticed was categories. There were around 30 categories and they did a pretty nice job. However, there were still many models in some categories. That is why I used something else. The filter gives you the best result. You can select up to 10 tags at once and that gives you a pretty nice result. You usually have around 10 models at the display after you are done with the filter.
Before you go to a private show, you need credits. The store has 5 packages for you and I think that there are some great deals. The price of 1 credit is around 1 EUR and you get a small discount if you buy bigger packages. Every package except the least expensive one has bonus credits. There is no need to buy a lot of credits at the beginning because you don’t know if you will be able to spend them all.
Prices of private shows go from per minute to more than per minute. Most shows usually cost around per minute which is the average price I think. You can find pretty nice shows for that amount of money.
Some models will do more than other ones and that is nothing strange. They offer you more things in their shows and you don’t have to pay much more for them. Every model gets naked in her show. What happens next is the most important thing. The best thing you can see is when a model takes a dildo and shows you what she knows. Some of them also like to do some role play at the beginning.
One thing is certain here. All shows are in HD. I didn’t run into one single show that was in lower quality. They were all in fluid motion also. It didn’t matter if a model was a professional one or an amateur one, she had HD quality no matter what. I also noticed that some cameras were remote controlled.
Some models offer VIP shows besides free and private ones. Usually around 5 models have VIP shows available at once. You can watch them if you are fast enough. When model gets the amount of money she wants, the show starts. Everyone who gave her money can watch that show.


Lots of Asian models are usually online. It’s quite easy to navigate on the site. Finding someone or something is pretty easy. Prices are usually not that high.


It would be nice if I saw something in a free show first.


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