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Date: June 27, 2017

Written by: Koral (Male, 18)


I got bored at looking sites that are pretty much all the same. You can rarely find some originality on these kinds of sites. I noticed that there are few features here and that is pretty much the only good thing here. This site didn’t leave a pretty good impression on me because when I wanted to open a show, it said that my IP was banned, but I was never here before. Never mind, I took care of that problem with few gadgets, but still, how did that happen?
Before going to the main content, there are 2 features that are really hard to miss. They show you top 100 and top 5 models. In ‘top 5’ I actually found out a lot of useful information about the models. There were some information about what she likes and what she doesn’t. You can tip every model and I saw that the price goes from 1$ to 5$ and more. There was this one model that I didn’t know why was she in top 5. She didn’t even look that hot and I didn’t find anything special about her shows. Later I found that in ‘top 100’ they are ranked by the amount of money they earn. I would never search for models like that.
There are categories here like on any other site but his site had only 9 categories. And just one of those categories was full. And when I say full, there were just 30+ models there. I couldn’t believe that this site has only that much models. What is the point of that much categories when there are just 30 models and they are all in one category named ‘Women alone’?
Sorting models is also available here. You can look at top rated models first or you can look at ones that are new. But when there is this little models online, why would you even need to sort them when they are arranged in no more than 5 rows?
This site has free shows and private ones. Of course, if you are sane person, you would look at free show first before spending some money. Free show is like anywhere else. You have a girl that is usually sitting on her bad and she is not doing anything. There are just few models that are ready to go little further so I stayed in that show because that was the closest I would get to seeing nude models. I wanted to take a peak in the private show also because I was there already. One minute in private show just 0.99$ and you can’t believe how fast does you money go away. You do get a pretty decent show for that money, buy you can spend it on much better things. None of the models was ready to tease me by playing with some sex toy, licking it or even doing something similar to that. How can I expect her to do that in private show if she is not willing to tease me in the free show?
If you weren’t on this site for the first time like me, you could also search for some model by her name. There is a small drop list when you start typing some name, but 4 out of 5 models were offline when you start searching for something.


I didn't find that much strengths on this site. I would say that there were few hot models and they had HD camera. And that is pretty much it.


I couldn't find more than 30 models online when i was here. Most of the girls are not ready to do anything kinky in free show. Video quality is poor for my taste. Main thing i really dislike here is that my IP address was banned when i wanted to create an account or even look at free show, but i was never on this site before. There are 10 categories, but there are only 30 models there and they are all in one category.


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