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Date: July 14, 2017

Written by: Johnny (Male, 22)


If someone ever wished to look at only mature girls, then he has come to the right place. I was impressed when I saw that there are no young and inexperienced models here. After looking at the overall look of the site, I was satisfied because there were no unnecessary things in a visible place. Everything you need like models, categories and search engine were right where they should be. It is hard to miss this, but this site is a copy of Live Jasmin, but that doesn’t matter than much because why would someone change something if that is already good.
One of the most important things here is how to find the perfect model. However, this site has more than one option for that, so I had no trouble in doing that. The first thing that most of the sites have is categories. You can find about 30 categories here and they really divide models into many sections. There were those usual categories like ‘Blonde’, ‘Brunette’ and similar to those categories, but there are some new categories just for those kinkier fans like ‘Footjob’, ‘Deepthroat’ and ‘Dominatrix’. The other search method is with the advanced search engine. You can select up to 6 different tags and the search will be narrowed to just a few models.
There were more than 400 models online at the time I was there and it is very hard to find the right model in that big pile of them. If I have seen right, there were more than 3000 registered models here and that is a pretty ok number.
Spending money on something without testing it first is really risky. However, this site has both free shows and private ones. You can enter any free show at any time and you can stay there for how long you want. Chatting with the model is always available to both guests and premium users. Every model has its own profile so you can also look at some pictures and read something that the model likes and dislikes. Taking a screenshot of any show is available with already given options in the show.
The private show is what most of the fans come here for because you don’t get to see a model just sitting on the bed. This time, they take off the clothes and some of them even play with different sex toys. The price of private shows can vary, but the average price is . However, there are some shows that cost even for 1 minute, but those shows are the best kind of because everything you wish for can be done. Shows are not paid directly with the money, but you have to buy credits first. There are 5 different packages and the least expensive one is 21 EUR and it has 18 credits. The most expensive one is 161 EUR and it has 158 credits. The price of 1 credit is about 1 EUR and the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. One of the best things about this is that you get a bonus amount of credits for every bought package except for the cheapest one.
The best kind of private show is VIP show. That show is saved to only premium members and not all of them can watch them. You have to subscribe to the show, and if you are lucky, you will be the selected one when the show starts.
The video quality of these shows is without any doubts best that there is. From 5 shows I have seen, there were no shows with bad quality or that had problems with connection. Besides that, some of the cameras are equipped with movement options so those models can zoom in on some parts at any time with remote control.
Looking at the site is not limited to a just computer. I have tried it with both phone and tablet and it worked perfectly. One difference I have noticed is that you can’t chat with the model while you are watching the live stream.


You can’t go wrong with having only mature girls on the site because these ones knew what they were doing. The video quality of every show is in high resolution and I didn’t have any problems with connection. The advanced search engine is one of the best things for the search for the right model. Selecting up to 6 different tags wasn’t available anywhere else before.


One weakness here is that it is obvious that this site is a copy of


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