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Date: January 17, 2018

Written by: Fred (Male, 29)


Even though that this site is only filled with Asian models, you can still find many models here. I was actually surprised when I saw this site because it reminded me of some other site. There were things that were the same like on some other sites. I’m not one of those guys that will judge a site if it looks like some other site, even though it is good. I found around 300 online models while I was there and that seemed enough for the beginning. I am not too picky so I didn’t have any problems while I was looking for one model that stands out from other models.
It’s always useful to have some features that can make everything better for you. This site had quite few of them and I was satisfied with only one. Of course, there are different ways to find someone, but I stuck to the filter. There were just so many things I could select at once that nothing else mattered. I could select model’s hair color, age, type of a show and many other things. You couple pretty much find a model that is perfect for you with just few clicks. Categories were also pretty useful. There were around 30 categories and they seemed nice. There were things like brunette, blonde and things like that. There were also things like deep throat, dominatrix and some other categories. Basically, you can find anything if you have some free time.
The best thing so far was free shows. Every model that wasn’t in a private show had a free show. You could open any of those shows for free even without an account. I just don’t get those people who get to a site and just stay in a free show. You can’t see anything in there. A model is just sitting in front of a computer and that is it. Tipping is not available so you can’t talk a model into anything.
Creating an account on this site is completely free. It takes only a minute to create it and you get more advantages than without an account. For starters, you won’t be listed as a guest. Everyone who sees you as a guest will ignore you and you get nothing from that.
You can either buy credits when you create an account or when you decide to go to private shows. The store has something for everyone so you don’t have to worry about anything. There are both cheap and expensive packages in there so you can select on of 5 packages. The price of one credit is around and you get some small discounts if you buy bigger packages. There are even bonus credits for every package except the cheapest one.
So far, I saw shows from per minute to over per minute. I just checked out those cheaper ones because I didn’t have enough money for those expensive ones. I really didn’t see what this deal with the price change was because even these cheap shows seemed really good. You could enjoy a show fully for not so much money instead of spending lots of money for pretty much the same thing.
Of course, some shows are better than other ones. This is the case on almost every site so I wasn’t surprised with this thing. There were models who would jump to the point from the beginning of a show and there were shows where models were staling time. I don’t like to waste my time so I knew which ones to open. You can get enough info about a show just by reading model’s bio or simply by asking her.
I preferred shows in which models used a dildo or any other sex toy. That is the most beautiful thing you can see in live cam shows. Seeing a model that knows how to use a dildo gets me off every time. On the other hand, I saw a show where almost nothing happened. If you want to look at only naked girl who doesn’t do anything, you can go to any other site and see that for free.
There were just few models who were also streaming VIP shows. I don’t know if you heard of these shows before but I did. There is nothing that special about them. You see almost the same thing as in private shows, but only here, you get to see it for more money, or less. You never know how much money you need to spend on a show.
The video quality was without any questions very good. All shows were in HD or even better quality. On top of that, they were in fluid motion. Simply good shows that are easy to watch and enjoy at the same time.
The site also works well on a phone. You can open it with a regular browser and everything is almost the same like on a pc. That made it much easier for me to get around the site.


Enough models were online even though there were only Asians here. The video quality was better than I expected. All shows were in fluid motion and HD. prices were affordable in most cases. Some shows are mind blowing. Navigating on the site is much easier than on most sites.


Nothing is bad.


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