Streamate - Lots of girls at one place


Date: July 6, 2017

Written by: Burt (Male, 18)


Who wouldn’t be happy when you see a lot of girls at one place? This site really amazed me because everything was organized perfectly and there were about 2000 models online. However, there is much more of them registered on the site. I think that there are more than 10000 models here and I don’t know which one is better.
Dark background made everything easier because the black color pointer everything out. Categories are on very visible place so I had no trouble when I was looking for them. I find that categories with hot girls are the first thing I look at when I enter the site. No one likes all types of girls so finding the right section is the key thing on these sites. You don’t have to use categories only because there is filer that lets you use select 4 different keywords and the search is narrowed to just few models. There are those usual categories like milf, teen, and things like that, but there are also those little nastier categories that are there for the true porn lovers. Free shows are the best thing about these sites because you get to test the shows before deciding if you want to spend some money or not. There is no time limit here so you can be there for how long you want. Private shows are much better than those free ones. They aren’t free but they aren’t expensive. The price can vary like everywhere else and prices here go from 2 dollars to even 4 dollars. Those expensive shows are better than other ones because they have little better content those other shows. Chatting with the model is available in every show. I was impressed when all those models actually responded to me.
Video quality is high to ultra hd. I haven’t really seen one show that had bad quality or was lagging while she was streaming. Every model has a profile so you can look at her photos and read her biography whenever you want. Offers for credits are much better than on most sites. Every package has some bonuses and you really get those credits for free. The price of one credit is around 1 dollar and you can buy only more than 17 credits. There are few payment methods so you won’t have to pay only with credit card.


There are a lot of good features here. Filter makes my search for models really easy. There were lots of models online at the time and I was surprised. Great background color pointed everything out because all the other features are in different color. The prices always vary but they are really cheap here. 1 credit goes for 1 dollar and I haven’t seen that somewhere else.


I think that this site is good because of all its features but it is mainstream. Everything is similar to most of other cam sites and there is no originality here.


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