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Date: May 9, 2017

Written by: Chris (Male, 31)


Look, I would definitely recommend this webcam site to anyone who wants to get some live kinky action on his computer screen. But, you should know that the site has some drawbacks. While you might consider them to be minor drawbacks, they are drawbacks nonetheless. So, instead of recommending this site to everyone and just saying how awesome it is, I am going to talk about it a bit so that you can understand it better. I’m going to start with the design and end with the girls. I will not mention the prices. I’ll say it right now, the prices on this site are quite standard when compared to other webcam sites and that is all you actually need to know about them. If you want to check out the prices for yourself, just go to this site’s FAQ.

So, let’s get started with this review by talking about the design. The design on this website is absolutely marvelous. People who run livesexawards have definitely given it their all when creating the looks of this site. It is both modern and gorgeous. It is also highly efficient. What I mean by saying that this design is efficient is that you can navigate it with great ease and that you somehow ‘know’ where everything is even if you are visiting this site for the very first time. In my experience, this is a rather rare thing when it comes to any website, let alone a cam site. When you land on the main page of the livesexawards website, you will be presented with a selection of babes that are currently online. By hovering over their images (if they are not in a private chat session), you will be able to take a peek in their public chat rooms. A simple click will take you there in no time. I really like how they have made everything accessible on this site. For example, once you are in the chat room, you have the option to get out by simply clicking the X button in the upper right corner. Also, you can browse other babes by using the bar on the right side of the page. The chat box is rather good looking and it is quite easy to communicate with the girls. You should know that most of these girls will even start a conversation with unregistered visitors, which is always a huge plus in my books.

Now, let’s talk about the cam models. When it comes to the selection of webcam performers available on livesexawards, it is both huge and awesome at the same time. You will get to find every imaginable type of a woman doing cam shows on here. From blondes to redheads, from Latinas to Asian hotties, from sexy ebony chicks to ravishing MILFs – you name a type of babe and I guarantee that you will find it on livesexawards. Also, they are all hotter than hot. But, besides them being hot, they also have another appealing trait. When the private show starts, these babes turn into true professionals and they will do anything in order to make you achieve utter sexual satisfaction. And, because of this, I simply adore frequenting this site. The babes are good looking, their shows are fantastic and I get more than enough content for my money. It is a win-win situation for us consumers and for the people running this website. When it comes to webcam websites, rarely will you find this good of a collection of babes. livesexawards is truly unique in that respect. While I have heard rumors that it might just be a copy of another site, I really don’t care. I started visiting this site every day and there is no way that I will go around searching for other sites that have the same design and the same performers. I am enjoying myself on livesexawards, so why ruin the experience?

Be that as it may, I am quite certain that people who love cam shows will actually enjoy livesexawards. While it has some things that could be fixed, there are so many excellent aspects of this website that it really does not matter. If you are thinking about finding something new and fresh when it comes to cam shows without it making a huge dent in your wallet, then feel free to check out livesexawards. Who knows, maybe you will end up loving it just like I did.


Everything is absolutely perfect on this site, from the way it looks, to the way it charges you for credits, as well as to the appearance and cam show skills of its performers.


Okay, I would update the search options a bit on this site and I would try to add more girls every week. But I know how hard the latter one is, so just ignore it. Those are my two only gripes with livesexawards.


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