Jasmin - Little expensive live show cam site for my taste


Date: June 23, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 24)


This is the site I have heard about a long time ago and finally, I decided to check it out. I don’t know what was all that hype about. Sure, it looks ok, but it is not very different from other sites. I expected to see all the shows on the main page, but you have to click on something first before opening shows.
This site has more than just live shows. There are actually channels from each model and you can see a lot of videos from that model. Not only videos, but there are also a lot of pictures and some information about the model. You can also see how many videos and photos are on one channel before even opening it.
Live shows are what I came for. Even that I managed to enter every show really easy, there were few things that I just couldn’t let slip. Let’s say categories. Even that there are a lot of categories and you can find the exact model you are looking for, there is one thing that bothered me. They are not visible. You have to click on some button and then they appear. I got used to seeing all the categories and then I just scroll down. I actually didn’t find categories here in my first try.
There are few ways to sort models and that is one of the things I like. There are recommended models and they sure are good. There are also ones that have the best rating and you can see models sorted by the name.
When it comes to the show, there are few things that needed to be pointed out. Let’s say that video quality of every show is really good. I haven’t seen one show that was in low resolution or something similar. I got bored a little bit first when I opened one show. I waited and waited for that girl to do something, and I literally mean something. She was just sitting on the bed and she didn’t move. Like she was a mannequin or something like that. However, she started flirting and doing things like that later but come on, you had to do that at the beginning. It was just the matter of seconds if I was going to look for other girl or will I proceed with this one. I just couldn’t leave yet because she was holding a big dildo in her hand and I wondered what she is ready to do. While waiting for something to happen, I started scrolling down a little bit and there were some sexy photos of her from some previous photo shoots. I learned what her biggest turn is on and more things about her. Finally, I got to see her from the better side and I decided to try out the private show.
I have noticed that this site has some offers that give you ‘free’ credits. I couldn’t believe that exists so I went to check it out. And I was right. They weren’t actually free. You had to buy some credits first and then you get few credits for free. It is just a big bait to buy more credits. I thought if I am already here, I will buy the least credits and see the better show, but these credits were expensive for me. One credit was going around for more than 1$. If you want to look at the good show, you have to spend a lot of money and for that amount of money, you can a lot of fun in real life.
I was really close to the edge to exit the site but I still stayed. I got a little happier when I entered this private show. It was like that girl changed in few minutes. She wasn’t just sitting anymore. That big dildo found its place. I can say that this show was worth it, but it is a little expensive. But I guess you have to pay for quality.
There are guys and trannies here also but after looking at girls, I didn’t want to even check out these sections because I knew they wouldn’t be any different.


There were a lot of models and they were indeed hot. The video quality of every show was really good. I didn't have any problems with seeing every tiny detail.


The first bad thing is that the prices were too high. You have to spend more than 20$ just to see some little action. I didn't find categories on my first try. I had to click on something first and then I could select which one I wanted.


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