CamContacts - Little bit tricky to use this site


Date: November 8, 2017

Written by: Miklos (Male, 18)


This wasn’t the first time I used this site and after a couple of times of using it, I decided to write a review about it. When I first opened this site, I didn’t have very positive thoughts about it. The only thing I saw was white and yellow color. That made me a little uncomfortable because everything was too bright and nothing was on the display. It took me some time to realize that I need to open a different tab to see online models.
Once I saw all those shows, everything changed. This site had more than 1000 online models every time I was there. There were more than 100000 registered models on the site and that is just a too big number to handle. Could you imagine having that many models online? It would be a disaster.
Everyone comes to a site like this one because of shows or models. There are quite a lot of models here and you can chose for days if you want. When there are many models on the site like on this one, you need some features that can help you out. However, that is not the case here. The only thing I saw were some kind of categories and you couldn’t do anything else. Each category had a lot of models in there and the search wasn’t narrowed down nearly enough. Instead of looking at 1000 models, you needed to choose from 200 or so models. There should be some features that can help you out more than this.
Navigating on the site is pretty had because you need to have a lot of time to find something on this site. Everything is done by just scrolling through a big list of models and no one loves that. When I first time got to this site, I was really close to exiting this site and moving to some other site.
Once you decide to look at shows, you will be disappointed once again. There isn’t one single model who has free shows available. The only thing you can do before starting a video show is only chat with the model. This seems pointless to me because you can’t find out enough through just texts. I want to know how model looks like or is the video quality in the show good. They all have a profile on the site, but once again, that is not enough for something I am willing to pay.
If I spent already this much time on the site, I wanted to check out a couple of minutes of private shows. Once you manage to find a show, which isn’t an easy thing to do, you need to put some money on your account. The best thing I found out so far was the price of most shows. You probably won’t find a show that is more expensive than per minute. Most models were charging that amount or even less than that. Like on any other site, you should keep track of the time because you can easily lose all your money just because you didn’t look at the watch when you needed to. Not all models will do the same thing here. There are some sections in which models online want to talk with you. The rest of them will probably get naked or something like that, but not all of them will do that here.
I didn’t get to see many shows, so I can’t talk much about the video quality. Some shows were in decent video quality and the rest wasn’t. So I would say that the average video quality is medium here. However, in most shows, you can see pretty much everything without struggling.
You can check this site out on a phone, but I don’t see point in that. This site is not so good on a pc and it isn’t better on the phone. If you want to lose your time, you can check the site out, but I wouldn’t recommend that.


Many models are online. Prices are affordable.


It’s not easy to navigate on the site. Lack of features. The video quality isn’t so good.


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