iFriends.net chat hosts - Moved to Sexiercamgirls - Kind of an outdated site in my opinion


Date: September 9, 2017

Written by: Max (Male, 31)


I expected to see something much better when I opened this site. I was kind of disappointed when I saw the lack of creativity here. Shows were aligned up one next to each other and that is pretty much it. You don’t have anything else on the main page. The only thing you can also find on the main page is categories and there aren’t even many categories there. The site has lots of models online. I counted around 400 models online at the time I was there. However, there are more than 10000 registered models and having only this many models online is a pretty sad thing. There should be at least double this amount of online models. The background color is too bright for me. It just distracts you from looking at the most important thing. One good thing about this design is that you can select at which mode you want to look at the site. You can either look at many shows or you can look at fewer shows, but there is much more information next to them.
There aren’t many search features that I saw. The first thing I saw was categories. There were just a couple of categories available like Big Tits, MILF and Mature. I expected to see at least 20 available categories, but I was disappointed again. I searched for the advanced search for some time and I didn’t find it. That should be available on every site because when you have more models online, it is pretty hard to find some specific group of models. Searching for some specific model can be done with the search box. You just have to type in some model’s name and only that model will pop up. However, to use this feature, you need to know someone’s name first and that isn’t possible if you are here for the first time like me, so that sucks also. I noticed that you can search for models by their region. That actually amazed me after all this disappointment.
I was pretty excited when I was that free shows were available. You can select pretty much any show that you want and you can look at it for free for an unlimited time. Models will not get naked in the free show! Don’t forget that so there is no need to constantly ask that like many other people. IF you do that, models will probably ignore you or even block you. The best thing about the free show is that you get to use the free chat window. I used it to talk with the model about all the things she was ready to do in the private show. It took some time to find the right one, but I didn’t have to spend any money until that point. It would be pretty bad if there weren’t free shows because I know that I would pay for the show before testing it first. Luckily, every model also has a profile so you can read something about her there also. There are useful things there so you know what is expecting you in there.
The private show is something much different than other things. The price can vary from the show to the next one because not all models will do the same thing. Some of them will just get and some of them are willing to do almost anything. It is pretty important to be polite because you will be awarded for that probable. The price can go from to even per minute. The price doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the show. Some cheap shows were better than those expensive ones. I am glad that I searched for some shows for some time because it was worth it. I didn’t have to spend much money on some bad shows.
Besides live shows, you can also look at photo galleries and videos. They aren’t free and you have to pay for them first before seeing anything. The price can go around usually per video or per photo gallery. These things are pretty nice if you want to look at something better than some strip show.
The video quality is pretty nice in all cases. Some cameras could even be controlled with a remote control so that is pretty nice. Most shows ere in HD and they were all fluid. I didn’t have any problem with the internet connection or while I was connecting to shows. Some cameras were better than others, but generally, the video quality was pretty good.
This site works well on a phone. I tried it on an Android and I didn’t have any problems. It even seemed like the site was better than on a PC which wasn’t hard because I was disappointed in a PC version. Shows loaded pretty nice and the video quality was even better on the phone.


The site works on a phone. The video quality is pretty nice. Many models are online. Cheap prices in most cases. Recorded videos and photo galleries are available.


There aren’t many search features available. It is pretty hard to find some specific group of models. The design is nothing special.


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