- Kind of a mainstream site in my opinion


Date: June 10, 2017

Written by: Jordan (Male, 25)


I couldn’t help it but to notice the background color. I am really sensitive when it comes to my eye vision. That is the case on this site. The background color of this site is white and i really don’t like that color on any porn site. It makes only harder to browse on this site. Color that relaxes you and helps you browse the site is something dark like black or blue. But, let’s forget that and that about what is really important here.
The design of the site is nothing spectacular. It is good but nothing that wasn’t seen before. Stuff that will come in handy is one the left side of the page. You can find categories there among other things. There is also a way how to sort videos and many more. On the center of the page are models. That is where they are supposed to be. Somewhere where you can find them easily.
Let’s begin with categorization. When you click on the categories on the left side of the page, new tab will open. There will be a bunch of new pictures and below each picture is a name of the category. I like that there is a picture that represents category. It makes it somehow better. Below each name of the category are few things. You can see how many videos are in that category and how many pictures are there. When you enter the category, there are a lot of videos and below each video is some information about it. You can see when it was uploaded, what rating does it have and how long does it lasts. These are all the things that someone would search for. Like who wants to watch some short video that isn’t good?
You can also go to the model’s profile and see a bunch of new things. Look at all of the videos that she has and find new information about her. Of course, before even looking at the video, you need to create an account. That isn’t really hard. Just type in some required information and you are good to go. After that, you have unlimited access to all of the videos.
If you are not into categories, there is one more way to search for models. You can go to the section ‘filer’ and just select what you want to find. After that, you can enjoy the good videos.
Finally, let’s get to the videos. Ones I have looked at were simply amazing. Everyone has different taste, but I think that there is something for everyone. If you don’t find something here, I don’t know what you look at. I might be even afraid a little bit . When you enter one of these videos, you will find only the best content that there is. I was really amazed to be honest. Not only that the graphics were amazing but also the performances were one of a kind. Sure, you have these kinds of videos somewhere else but not that many sites are like this one.
I only later found out that there are more than just girls. On the main page, you can change gender of the models. And no, it wasn’t just male and female models. There were also trannies, shemales and couples. So this means that when I said that you can find something you like, you can actually find it. I guarantee it. Maybe I am wrong, but I have satisfied my wishes. These videos were good too. Not that I am into something more than girls, but I think that it is worth to watch it. I have looked at couples too. You can look at two people that are familiar with each other and they are ready to do more than any other people. So in my opinion, this section is really good, like any other.
I have almost forgot that you can sort models on other ways, not just by categories. You can look at newer clips, top rated or amateur videos. And the last thing is that there is a search option. You can just type in what you like and voila. There will be only what you searched for. You just have to pick one of the videos.


A lot of good quality videos. More than i have expected. You can sort models on more ways than you expect. There is also a search option that lets you find exactly what you are looking for. Not only that, you can look at all of the videos from one model.


Only weakness in mi opinion is that bright background color that makes it hard for me to search for something on the site.


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