Strip Hilo - It’s interesting to try out a site like this one


Date: November 9, 2017

Written by: John (Male, 18)


In case like mine, you can get bored when you watch almost the same live cam sites every day. That is why you should try out different things if you don’t want to look at one thing over and over. I ran into this site accidently and I am pretty glad I did. This site allowed me to play a game with some model for not so much money. Sadly, there aren’t that many models on this site, but there are much more registered models. It would be much better if the number of online models increased. Currently, there are around 80 models online in most times.
It was pretty easy to navigate on the site for me because there weren’t many things that I could use. Besides live shows, you could only use search features.
When you don’t have many models online, it isn’t hard to find a model that you like. However, this can put you in the tricky situation because you maybe won’t find a model who you think you like. There is no need for any search feature to find a model here because you can just scroll down for a couple of moments and that is it. However, let’s mention those useful features. I didn’t expect to find the advanced search here, but I did. I could select many different things at once and that really did the trick. Instead of having 80 models, which isn’t much, I had around 10 models on the display. After that, it was pretty easy to select one of them. There are only a couple of categories available here. Basically, you have only categories with models’ hair color and age. Everything seemed pointless to me after using the advanced search and that was the case on most sites I visited.
I wasn’t glad when I saw that there weren’t free shows. The only thing that was close to that was a demo show. You can open it at any moment and see how things work around here. You just have to select the next card and if you select the right card, you get a reward. Every model has a profile on the site so you can see how she looks like and what happens in her show. However, that didn’t seem enough for me at the beginning.
I was ready to go to the private show so I found one model that seemed perfect for me. The price of her private show wasn’t high. She charged per minute and most of other models charged same like that. I made sure that I had enough money on my account for at least 10 minutes and after that, the journey begins. It was all good because I had luck and I won most of the games. You can also lose some hands and that means the model puts back on a piece of her clothes. That is certainly not what you want. I was in that show for more than I thought, but I didn’t get disconnected so I thought that I wasn’t there for as long as I though. However, when I exited the show finally, I saw that I was charge some extra money directly on my credit card without any notice. It turns out that if you run out of money on your account, you will just be charged for that on your credit card and you can’t stop that. That was the moment I started having this site.
Not many users would stay on the site when they get charged for something without any notice. That is when I ended my stay on the site.
The video quality was also pretty nice. I tried just 2 shows and in both cases, the video quality was in HD. I could see everything clearly. Maybe some other shows are in not so good video quality, but I can’t say anything about that.
Once, I was really bored so I decided to try this site out on my phone. I thought that something was different and that the same mistake wouldn’t happen. However, everything was identical like on a computer so I didn’t even want to open any show or something else.


Prices are affordable in most shows. The video quality is good.


Not many models are online. You get charged if you run out of money and you are still in the show.


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