CamContacts - It’s a quite… interesting site, but not in a good way


Date: December 5, 2017

Written by: Frank (Male, 27)


I got very confused when I got to this site for the first time because it wasn’t well organized. Everything was pretty much blank and some text was on the site of the page. I thought that it wasn’t important to read that, but it was actually how you get to shows. This wasn’t the impression I wanted to have of this site for starters.
It said that registering here was free so I tried it. It really was free and it took just a minute or so to do it. You are asked how you got to this site, so if you have a promo code, you get some reward at the beginning. After creating an account, I was ready for my journey.
I headed to shows to find some model I like, but there was a problem again. This site really has many models online and registered, so it’s quite hard to find a model. Especially when you don’t have any search features. Models are just put in different categories and that doesn’t make it easier to find someone. The only thing you could do is search for a model by her screen name. Of course, you have to know her exact name if you want to find that one model.
There was a non-adult section here. Models in there didn’t get naked at all. That is the most important thing you should know. If you open that show, you will just talk to a model. It seems weird to pay someone to talk to. You can do that in person with a friend or someone else.
There are no free shows here. The only thing that is free is a chat show. You can chat with a model but that is just stupid in my opinion. You can look at model’s profile if you want to find out something about her. However, if you want to see what her show looks like, you have to pay for it right away.
I didn’t like that I had to pay for a show before I found out anything, but I did it anyway. Shows were not that special. I didn’t get the chance to see many shows, but most models did pretty much the same thing. When they got naked, they didn’t want to do many things. Some of them were willing to play with sex toys and that is it. You don’t get to see more than that.
The best thing about private shows is its prices. Most shows cost or per minute. That is a really small amount of money for any show pretty much. However, when you see what you get of that money, it makes sense actually.
I saw only a couple shows so I can talk only about those shows. The video quality in those shows was not that good. It was decent, but not in high. Luckily, shows were in fluid motion so that is good.
The last thing I did was try if this site works on a phone. It works and it’s very similar to the PC version. I didn’t do anything more on a phone because I just didn’t want to.


Many models were online. Prices are affordable.


Hard to find pretty much anything. No free shows. Shows aren’t that good. The site is not well organized.


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