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Date: September 28, 2017

Written by: Fedor (Male, 19)


I was just randomly browsing the internet and I ran into this amazing site. I didn’t know what I was getting into so I decided to try it out. This site actually left me speechless. I found all kinds of models, features and more things that couldn’t be better. This site had around 200 models online when I was online which isn’t bad. There are a couple of thousands of models registered here so I expected to see more models online. The main page is designed so you can find pretty much anything really fast. You won’t find useless things on the main page so it was pretty easy to use this site. Everyone has a dirty hobby and this site will help you to fulfill all your wishes.
When it comes to finding some specific show, it was pretty easy. There are a couple of features that can help you out with that and the best one in my opinion is the advanced search. You can select multiple tags at the same time and you will get a pretty good result after you are done with using the filter. Besides this, you can use categories that do a pretty nice job also. The newest feature for me here is that small part of the site that allows you to select from which region or country is a model. If you get lucky, you will find a model from your country.
Sadly, free shows are not available here. I expected to see something first before paying for it, but I didn’t get lucky. The only type of the show is the private one. Shows are paid with Dirty Cents or Tokens and you have to buy 1 package before browsing shows. The store offers multiple packages and I started with the cheapest one because I still didn’t know what I was getting into. Most private shows cost around 150 tokes per minute which is around per minute. That isn’t too high, but if you run into a model what won’t do something that you want, you will just waste your money. The price actually varies from 100 to 300 tokens per minute. The price doesn’t determine the quality of the show so if you open an expensive show, it doesn’t mean that you will get the best type of the show. Some cheaper shows were much better for me than those expensive ones.
You can also open a one on one private show. These shows cost a little more than public ones, but if you like being alone with the model, it is worth it. Private shows usually last around 15 minutes and that is pretty much it. It is pretty important not to be rude to a model and you will probably get all your wishes fulfilled.
The video quality in these shows is mostly in HD. The most important thing is that they are all in fluid motion and they don’t have any problems with the lag or something like that. Most models were streaming from a studio and they really knew how to please their fans. Some cameras could be moved during a live stream with a remote control which is quite amazing.
Besides looking at live shows, you can also browse recorded videos and photo galleries. There are more than 1.000.000 videos and more than 600.000 photo galleries. They are also not free so you have to pay for everything here. Photo won’t cost more than 100 tokens, but videos can have much higher prices than photos. All videos are in full length so you won’t buy some short movie for a lot of money. If I noticed right, you don’t buy videos for an unlimited time. After purchasing it, you have exactly 24 hours and then video becomes locked again.
IF you want, you can try using this site on a phone. I didn’t have any problems on my iPhone and I can recommend it to anyone. Shows loaded pretty fast and they were all amazing. The only issue I had was miss clicking something because I had a much smaller screen than on a PC.


Prices of private shows are not too expensive and most shows are affordable. The video quality is quite nice. Videos and photos can be also bought. Search features are pretty amazing.


There are not free shows.


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