Camquery - It is nice to see that they are improving the site


Date: September 20, 2017

Written by: Benjamin (Male, 30)


If I remember right, this site had a different design the last time I was here. This new design is much better and it is easier to use it. The color mix is the best one around because the dark background color points out everything on the site. The main page has only useful thing on the display like shows, categories, search options and log in information. I started counting how many models were online because there wasn’t any feature that showed that number. I ended up with around 600 models online at that time which was quite amazing. I heard that this site has a couple of thousands of registered models which isn’t a small number. It doesn’t matter what you are looking on this site, there is content for everyone. Girls, guys and even transsexual models are available at all times and you just have to find the one you like the most.
No one would spend money on some show without testing it and that is why there are free shows available for everyone. You don’t even need an account to try out some free shows, but there is no point in that because you won’t get to do anything. The free show offers you a free chat window and you can chat with the model. IF you are listed as a guest, you will probably be ignored. The first thing I did in one of these shows was finding out what is expecting me in the private show. I found out that many models were prepared to do much more than just get naked. However, there are also some models who are here just to find a friend online. It is pretty important to find out all these things and then, you won’t waste money definitely. Every model has a profile also so you can read some information there.
After the free show, you can either go further to the private show or you can find some next model. The price of a private show can vary from the show to the next one and the average price is .98 per minute. That is actually the amount of how many most models charge. There are some shows that cost .98 per minute and they can be pretty nice in my opinion. The price doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the show, so if the show cost per minute, it doesn’t mean it is the best one. There is a counted that shows you your current balance while you are in the private show so you won’t run out of the money without any notice.
If regular private show is not enough for you, you can try out the VIP show. However, you need to spend much more money on this site. This type of the show becomes available only at some times and when some model wants to raise a lot of money for a short period. When that money is gathered, everyone who donated her money will get to look at that show.
Searching for all these shows are done through the main page or you can use one of the given features. The best one is the advanced search because you can select more than 5 tags at the same time and then, you will have a lot less models on the display than before. Instead of looking at 500 models, you will have around 50 on the display. Besides this, there are around 30 categories available and they can do a pretty nice job also. If you know some model’s name, you can search for only that model with the search box on top of the page.
The video quality is full HD in all shows. Shows were in fluid motion and they couldn’t run better than this. Some cameras could even be controlled with a remote control during a live stream so zooming in on some model’s parts of the body was available. Most models were clearly streaming from a studio. Those ones must be professional models because it would be weird if they weren’t. There were some amateur ones I noticed and those models were much better for me than those other ones.
When it comes to paying these shows, you need to have credits on your account. The store offers you multiple packages and you have to select one of those packages for beginning. There is no need to rush things with the biggest package at the beginning. I bought a package for 21 EUR and I had 18 credits. That was pretty enough to try out all the things on the site. IF you buy a lot of credits at the beginning, you maybe won’t get to spend it all.
You can also use this site on a mobile phone. It worked pretty well on both iPhone and an Android. The video quality seemed even better than on a PC and shows loaded pretty fast. It takes just some time to use it on a phone because it is easy to muss click something.


Generally a good site. The video quality is the best one around. Free shows are available with every online model. Prices are affordable in most cases. Searching for models is pretty easy here.


I didn’t find anything bad on this site.


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