Camquery - Is there something better than hot models in HD?


Date: October 12, 2017

Written by: Silvester (Male, 41)


When I first opened this site, I was really amazed how they did a great job with the design. The color mix just points out the most important things on this site and I didn’t have hard time while navigating on the site. You can find all the important things on the main page without struggling. There are more than 500 models on this site online almost at all times and that number raised up clearly. I checked this site multiple times before writing this review and I can see that things are improving. You don’t have useless things on the display so you won’t have hard time to figure this site out. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, you can find guys, girls and transsexual models on this site.
Luckily, this site has more than just private shows. Every online model has a free show available and after that, you can start a private show. Let’s start with a free show. This show can be opened by anyone, even if that someone doesn’t have an account. That is pretty nice because you can check out the video quality and the show itself first. If you don’t like something, you can move to the next model or just close the site. You won’t have to do anything here if you don’t want to. Every free show has a chat window that allows you to talk with the model. Don’t expect to see a model get naked in the free show so use this feature for something better. I started asking some questing about a private show because that is where I spend my money and I don’t like to waste things on something I don’t like. Models are polite to you if you behave nice and they usually respond to everyone.
When you decided to start a private show, you better be sure that you selected the right model. The price in private shows can vary from the show to the next one. Some shows can cost as much as per minute and some shows can pretty much rip you off because they cost per minute. I generally think that some shows are overpriced without visible reason. However, most shows can cost around or per minute which isn’t too high. You can find pretty nice shows for cheap prices and those shows can actually be better than those expensive ones. Not every model will do that same and I will say again, it is pretty important to find out something about the show before starting it.
Every model also has a profile that is available for everyone. You can read something about models and see a couple of pictures for free so you can clearly see what that models likes and hates.
Some models also have a VIP show at some times. Those shows can be quite expensive or if you get lucky, you can look at them for a really cheap price. Basically, when some model wants to raise a little more money, she starts this show and everyone who donated her money will get to see a private show when the required amount is raised. These shows are usually better than regular private shows, but that doesn’t have to happen every time.
Searching for these shows can be pretty easy because multiple features are available for free. The best one and the first I will talk about is the advanced search. You can select a lot of tags at the same time and you have more than 30 tags at the display. I got a pretty nice result every time I used this feature and that was the most important thing. You can also use categories that are on the side of the page and they can also do a pretty nice job. I actually opened every category and none of them were empty. The last thing possible here is to search for some model by her screen name.
You won’t have to worry about opening a show that is in poor video quality. All shows I opened were in pretty much full HD and the most important thing was that they were in fluid motion. I noticed that some models were streaming from a studio and I don’t prefer professional models. Luckily, there were also amateur ones and that made me pretty happy because I like amateur models much more than professional ones.
If you are in hurry or something like that, you can use this site also on a phone. It is supported on both iPhone and Android without and additional programs. Most things work the same like on a PC, but not everything. Generally, I think that this site is pretty good also on a phone.
You will need credits to pay for private shows. The store offers you 5 packages and you only have to select one of them. It is pretty stupid to start with a package that costs 150 EUR and you maybe get in a situation that you won’t spend all your credits. The best one to start with is the cheapest one and you can test the site with that amount of credits. I got 18 credits for 21 EUR and that was pretty nice. Every package except the one I bought had a bonus amount of free credits.


Free shows are available. The video quality is in HD. Prices are usually affordable. Finding some show is pretty easy.


Some shows are overpriced.


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