Joyourself - Is there really a site that is good as this one?


Date: October 11, 2017

Written by: Bert (Male, 31)


When you start looking at these sites regularly, you start to notice all kinds of details that you haven’t noticed before. For instance, I prefer a darker background much more than some bright background because my eyes don’t hurt then. Also, if the color mix is good, you can see that most important things are pointed out on the main page. This site is really easy to navigate on and everything is just one click away. There are around 500 models online on this site at most hours and something even more. Models are from all over the world and that is why the number of online models varies in different hours. I thought that this site was only with girls, but I was wrong. There are also guys and trannies, but there are still a lot more girls that guys and trannies combined.
You have 3 types of shows on the site and let’s start with the free show. You can check pretty much anything in the free show without spending a cent. You don’t even need an account to do that, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that. You will just get ignored by everyone if you are listed as guest. The free show has a chat window that allows you to chat with the models for free. Models usually respond to every questing, but don’t get confused if you don’t get a text back. Sometimes, they like to talk because there are so many questing there. I didn’t get to see any action in the free show and I think that no one will. If you want to see that, you have to go to the private show.
The private show can offer you all kinds of things, if you find the right model. The price of a private show varies from the show to the next one, but the price doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the show. I found shows that cost per minute and even per minute. There were just small differences between these two shows and I think that it is much better to open a cheaper show because you won’t have to spend a lot of money. Most models here will get naked in the private show, but not many will masturbate or do something with sex toys. That is why you have to learn something about a private show before opening it. Every model has a profile that can help you out during your stay on the site with all kinds of information.
The last type of the show is new for me and it is named VIP show. I found out that this show is not always available and when some model starts this show, you have to hurry if you want to be in that show. Basically, when some model wants to raise a lot of money for a short period, she starts this show. Everyone who donates her money until she reaches the asked amount will get to enjoy her private show that lasts around 15 minutes usually.
Searching for these shows can be done with multiple features on this site. The first one I will notice is the advanced search. You can select more than 5 tags and you will get a pretty nice result. I tried this feature multiple times and instead of having 500 models on the display, I had around 50 of them. Besides this amazing feature, you can also use categories. There are around 30 categories and every category has at least 1 model in there. The last thing I saw was a search box that allows you to search for some model by her screen name.
When it comes to the video quality, I didn’t find one show that was in poor video quality. Every show had fluid movement and there was no lagging during any show. I noticed that some models were streaming from a professional studio so I immediately thought that they were professional models. There are also amateur models and there is a visible difference between them. I don’t know if I got lucky or something else, but I got to watch a show that had a camera that could be controlled with a remote control during a live stream.
This site works pretty well on a phone. I tried it on my Android and iPhone and almost everything worked the same like on a PC. Some features worked pretty well and yet, some didn’t work like I expected. Luckily, I didn’t need any app or program on a phone to run this site. It works via regular browser without problems.


The video quality is pretty good. Free shows are available. Prices in private shows aren’t high in most cases.


I didn’t see anything bad here.


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