Strip Hilo - Interesting games with beautiful girls


Date: June 29, 2017

Written by: Kornel (Male, 30)


Playing games with smoking hot girls was always fun, but this site brought it to the next level. This was only possible to do in person with someone, but now, I got to win the game and also see the girl naked. This site has thought about everything really. I haven’t seen anywhere else that you can’t get a guided tour. That was one of the things liked the most here. And there was also an option to play a demo show. That demo showed me what the options are and what the bottom line in the shows is.
When I saw that this site has more than 100000 registered models, I just couldn’t believe. That was much more than I have expected because this site in not like the usual live cam sites. However, about 300 models were online at that time which is the great number. The categories are also available on this site, but there was no need to use them because the models were already separated on the main page. Those categories are about their hair color and place from which they come. That is a new way to categorize them. I really haven’t seen this anywhere before.
Now, one thing that everyone has to keep in mind is that there is not free video chat. You can only enter the free text chat. That is ok, but that isn’t what people are looking for really. Only now I have realized that demo is there because you can’t enter the video chat. At least you know what is waiting for you there and you won’t have to spend money without testing the product first.
The free shows are really useless here. There is not point to talk with some person and you can’t even see her. For how much you know, that person can be some guy that pretends to be a girl. You can never really know. However, it is free, so it really doesn’t matter.
The prices of every show can vary. It depends on what that model is ready to do in the show and how old is she and a lot more things will determine the price. In my experience, the prices were going from to even per minute. One thing about these video chats is that you just lose track of time. It takes more than 1 minute to even go through 2 cards. And no one would just stop there, at least I didn’t. There is also one problem when it comes to these shows. When you spend all the money on the profile, and you are still in the show, you won’t be thrown out of the show. The charges will just continue to pile up on your credit card without any notice.
The video quality can vary from model to model. It’s like on any other site. There were models who have a really good camera and there were also ones who have poor camera quality. Poor camera quality is certainly not welcome on these kinds of sites. No one is willing to pay for a show that is in low resolution and has lags from time to time. However, all these shows are the same. Every model has to follow the rules, and the rules are that when you beat her in the game, she has to take off the part of her clothes. Every show that I have entered was really good because I guess I had luck and I have won most of the games. I got to see few models completely naked for a small amount of money.


I guess that the best thing here is that there are more than 100,000 models here and about 300-500 are online in any hours. There are only categories that separate models by their hair or the country that they come from. The prices are not high because paying per minute is really cheap. Playing the demo version is what makes this site unique and you can see what this site is all about.


The worst thing about this site is that when you run out of money on the account and you are still in the show, the bill will just pile up and you will be charged at the end of the month. There needs to be some alert or something to prevent unwanted costs. There should be at least something with free video chat just so anyone can take a peek inside those shows. Paying for something without testing it first is really risky.


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