Strip Hilo - I’ve seen much better sites


Date: January 3, 2018

Written by: Frank (Male, 18)


At first, this site sounded pretty good because it wasn’t supposed to be like any other site. This was the only site that I heard off that had some games included in shows. Everything seemed too good I guess and that is one of the reasons why I was disappointed. I knew from the design of the site that not much time or effort was put into creating this site. Everything seemed too simple and not so well organized.
I don’t want to get into details about the design or something like that. Let’s go to the main thing. The number of online models matters on these sites. This site had around 200 models which were quite enough. However, I would like to see a bit more of them so I have more options and I don’t have to stick to one show. Besides the number of online models, you can also see how many models are registered on the site. I can tell you that the site has more than 200000 registered models. That is just too much and I don’t know why there aren’t a bit more of them online.
I wanted to see how these shows work so I opened one show randomly. I was kind of disappointed when I saw that there are no free shows. How can I find out something about a model or about a show if I can’t see it first? You can only test the demo version. That kind of clears things for you. After spending there few minutes, I saw how things work here. It’s just like those games you can play on Facebook or somewhere like that. You guess the next cart and if you are right, a model takes off one part of the clothes. That sounds pretty good, but what happens if you lose? It’s simple. She just puts on the clothes.
Finding a show that is better than others is not hard at all. You can use the filter here. At first, I saw only categories, but I found the filter also. I think that I could use around 10 tags at once and that narrowed the search to a lot fewer models.
You have to risk your money when you open any private how because you never know what you are getting into. You can only look at model’s profile, but that is not enough. I would also like to see just few minutes of a video show before spending my money.
The best thing about private shows is prices. I think that all shows cost per minute and you can’t get prices like that anywhere else. However, once you start the show, your money just started to disappear. The fact that you can lose in a game means you may have to stay longer in a show if you want to see the model fully naked or do something. Instead of spending let’s say on a regular show to see something like that, you maybe have to spend lots more money if you start losing from the beginning.
I didn’t even know anything about the video quality before opening the show. I didn’t check out many shows, but the video quality was quite nice. I saw better quality on other sites, but this was also nice. I would say that it is somewhere between medium and high. The most important thing was that all shows were in fluid motion. I think that fluid shows are much better than those in HD but with lags.
I heard that some people complained about getting extra charges because of this site. That didn’t happen to me luckily, but if that is true, that needs to be fixed. Basically, if you run out of credits mid show, you will stay in the show and the bill will go straight to your credit card. I don’t know if I got warned about that, but I would not like that to happen to me.
This site also works on other platforms than just a PC. I tried it on my iPhone and it worked well. Everything was almost the same like here, but I prefer much bigger screen like on a PC, so I didn’t do anything via a phone.


Prices are really low. The video quality is better pretty nice.


No free video shows. Apparently some additional charges can occur on your credit card after live shows.


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