Camplace - I saw good shows in not so good quality


Date: December 28, 2017

Written by: Franklin (Male, 28)


When I tried to open this site from seekcams, I always go redirected to some other site. I just couldn’t get to the really site until I typed in the address myself. When I first got here, I thought that this site is crap. Everything as white and there were only shows on the main page. I know that I don’t need more than shows, but there should be something besides them to make it better or I don’t know what.
The site has enough models to find at least one that will pleasure you. Although it may take time to find that one model, you will be able to actually find her. I don’t like to see many models online either. Of course, it’s better to have more models than less, but it is pretty had to find a smaller group when you have 1000 models online. This site had around 400 and that was the perfect amount. Not too many and not too little.
Before even thinking about paying for anything, I need to make sure that I am 100% sure that I want exactly that. Luckily, free shows are available so you can see everything you want in there. You won’t make a mistake about opening a show in low quality or that has a model that you don’t like a bit.
Finding that perfect model is important to most people and this site made it a lot easier than on most places. I immediately noticed the filter on top of the page. I could select lots of tags in 4 different sections. You can end up with just few models if you select all the right tags. Besides this features, you also have categories. Everyone knows how categories work. You can have lots of models in one category or almost not one. Both cases are not good at all.
When you finally find that one specific show you were looking for all along, you can see everything that it offers in a free version. I was kind of surprised when I saw that some shows include Vibra toys. It basically means that a model has a vibrator in her pants and every tip makes that vibrator turn on. That was quite pleasant surprise and that made things much better. You can tip models so they agree to do most things in free shows, but there are some limits of course.
Like on any other site, you also have private shows. You can take any model in there is you have money. The store offers you some packages and you need only want at the beginning. You can also buy as much credits as you want, but there is no need to rush things because you never know I you are going to spend all those credits or not.
Most shows cost around per minute and I think that is pretty reasonable price. When you compare those shows to those that cost or more per minute, you realize that you found a pretty good deal. You would maybe thing that cheap shows are crap, but that is not true. Some cheaper shows are much better than some more expensive shows. Those shows should actually be expensive, but I wouldn’t want to see that change.
As much as I enjoy private shows, the video quality wasn’t that good. Some shows were in better quality than other shows, but they still weren’t in HD. You could see pixels all over the screen and that sucks. If the video quality improves, this site would be one of the best ones.
You can find shows that include sex toys and even role play, but you can also see shows that have a naked model that doesn’t do anything but play with her tits. Can you guess which ones I like more? That’s right. I wouldn’t give up on shows with role play ever. That makes things much better and you can always expect new things in those shows.
I got bored once at work so I decided to try out this site on my phone. It worked pretty well and the site was almost the same like on a PC. That means I didn’t have any problems while navigating on the site.


Shows are really fun to watch. Prices are usually affordable. It’s easy to navigate on the site.


The video quality should improve only.


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