- I’m pretty happy that I ran into this site


Date: December 6, 2017

Written by: Franky (Male, 24)


It was pretty random that I opened this site, but when I got here, I didn’t want to leave it. This site left a pretty good impression on me only after a couple minutes. It looked so simple to use and everything was well organized. I don’t need anything more than that.
Because this site is only with guys, I didn’t expect to see many models online. I counted around 80 models online and that is not so good. Of course, you can find something for yourself probably, but it would be much better if there were more shows to offer.
Finding someone special or some show you like is pretty easy here. The first thing I noticed was categories. There were 20 or so categories, but half of those categories were empty. That is not so good thing to see anywhere. However, I saw something better right away so I didn’t even focus on categories. There is the advanced search also here. I could select 9 tags at once and I would end up with 10 models or so. You don’t even have to scroll through the list to find some model from that narrowed list. That is both good and bad thing. What if you don’t like any model in those that are left? You will probably go to some other site, or you will have to look at something that you don’t like that much.
I just didn’t like that both straight and gay guys were together on the display. You would have to open model’s profile to see if he is gay or not. That is also a good chance to find out something more about that show. Model’s put what they like and don’t like to do on their profiles. If all that is not enough, you can just ask them more things in person.
Free shows are available so you get to see more things for free. For instance, you can see the video quality in some show and even how that model looks like. A chat window is available and that can help you out if you have some doubts. Like if you don’t know if model really does something, you can simply ask. This site allows you to open free shows without an account. If you start asking questions about a show, but you are listed as a guest, you will just be ignored. No one would like that, right?
This site uses credits as payment method. The store works pretty simple. 1 credit is exactly . No discounts or bonus credits are available here so how much money you give, that is how much credit you get. You have multiple ways to buy credits, but I would stick to the credit card. I know that is works so I won’t try out something else.
Prices of private shows vary a little from show to the next one. Some shows can cost per minute, but some can cost per minute. Shows that are little more expensive are usually better than other shows, but only slightly. There is no big difference that can be seen really. Some cheaper shows are also good as those expensive ones so you have to choose smartly.
Some models will only get naked in the private show, and some of them will do more things. Let’s face it, guys can do many things like girls can so that limits these shows a bit. You will be very lucky if you actually find a guy that will play with sex toys.
The video quality on this site is mostly in HD. And that is not only it. The most important thing is that shows were in fluid motion. I opened 10 free shows and the video quality was pretty decent in all cases.
The last thing I tried was using this site on a phone. I expected it to work well and it really did. It was just smaller on the phone than on a pc, but the rest of things were almost the same.


The video quality is high. The site is easy to use. The site works on a phone. Prices are cheap usually.


Not many models are online.


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