MyTrannyCams - I’m afraid that this site is a copy of some other site


Date: February 12, 2018

Written by: Franb (Male, 24)


Sadly, there aren’t nearly enough original live cam sites on the internet. Most sites are just a copy of some better version and there is nothing original on them. I realized that this site is not that original because it looks like at least 5 other sites. I spent much time looking at live cam sites and I know when a site is looking like some other site. If you look at it from another angle, you can see it as a good thing. If something is good, you shouldn’t change that. That is the case with this site. Everything works great here and it’s easy to use the site.
The site doesn’t have the counter that shows you how many models are online exactly, but you can find out how many models are online pretty close to the exact number. The only way to do that is to count how many pages of online models are there. This site had around 150 to 200 if I saw right. That is enough for a site that only has trannies.
The design here is so simple and that makes this site very good. You can find anything you want in a few seconds. The dark background points out the most important things on the site and you won’t miss them for sure.
I wanted to start off with finding a group of models that is suitable for me. Nobody likes all models equally and that probably won’t change ever. You can narrow the search down right away so you have a lot fewer models to choose from. You can narrow the search down to 10 models in the best case with some features. This site offers multiple features, but one of them is the best one that exists and there is no need for other features. Let’s start with categories.
Categories are the first feature I noticed here. It’s pretty hard to miss them because you see them at every moment. There were around 20 or even more categories on this site. You can’t see how many models are exactly in each category, but none of these categories are empty. You can always find at least one model in there. This does a pretty nice job, but there is something better here.
Even though I narrowed the search down with categories, I wanted to try out something else. The advanced search is also available here and it would be a shame if I didn’t use it. This feature allows me to select up to 10 tags at once and that does a pretty nice job. You can select model’s hair color, type of the show, age, ethnicity and some other things. There is basically nothing that you can’t find with this feature.
One of the best things about this site is a free show. Each model has it if she is not in the private show currently. You can simply open any of these shows even without an account. Usually, you don’t see anything in there. I was kind of expecting not to see anything so I wasn’t disappointed. However, it would be nice if I saw at least something nice in there. That would just get me going and that would take me to the private show much faster. The bad thing is that you have to trust your guts to go to a private show without any previous information. The only thing you can find out is those few things that are available on models profile. Tipping is not available in free shows, so I get it why models don’t do anything in there.
Private shows are something else. You get to see a lot in there really. Of course, some models will do more than other models, but that is why there is a price difference in those shows. Some shows cost as low as per minute, but some shows go up to per minute or even more. If a show is expensive, it doesn’t mean that it is worth all that money. Some shows can be just overpriced and that is the case on most sites I think. The average price is around per minute and you can have enough fun in there. From my experience, most private shows last around 10 to 15 minutes and that is enough to see whatever you want.
Like I said, some models will do more than other models. There are some performers that will just get naked. If you expect to see more than that, you won’t. They just won’t do anything more than that and you can’t persuade them into anything. On the other hand, some models will do whatever you want.
There are also VIP shows. I don’t see much difference in VIP shows and private shows. They are basically the same, but only fewer people can see a VIP show at once. The price can be just like for a private show, but it can also be more because you never know how many people will watch that show.
This site uses credits and you can buy 5 different packages. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR in all cases. However, if you buy more credits, you will get a small discount and even bonus credits for free. The least expensive package costs 21 EUR and you get 18 credits for that.
The video quality was pretty good here. All shows were in HD and they were all in fluid motion. I didn’t run into one show that was in lower quality or that was lagging.


There were quite enough models for me. Navigating on the site is pretty easy. Finding models is much easier with all these features. Prices of most shows are affordable. The video quality was only in HD and all shows were in fluid motion.


The site is obviously a copy of some other site.


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